Monday, July 11, 2011


I visited WVRST (@WVRSTbeerhall) for the first time back in early June with a bunch of friends. We went a bit crazy, or as I like to say, "all-out", and ordered every single sausage on the menu (except the vegetarian sausages). That dinner was pure bliss - just seeing all the different kinds of sausages fill up our entire table induced a sense of euphoria in us. Meat lovers unite! =D

I was pretty much "sausaged-out" after that dinner but when Lisa, from The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide, asked me to go to WVRST a couple of weeks later I just couldn't resist and said "sure, why not" (I obviously have no self control when it comes to dinner dates). 

Our dinner was fabulous; Lisa and I chatted over apple ciders, sausages, and double-dipped duck fat fries. The large space, which seats around 140, is comfortable and inviting. 

Here we are waiting for our sausages =D

I hope you will enjoy the video~ Make sure you watch till the end when we got a chance to speak with chef and owner Aldo Lanzillotta after our dinner ^_*

Check out Lisa's post on our dinner at WVRST here

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