Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cupcake Decorating at Le Dolci

Lisa Sanguedolci, owner of Le Dolci, invited me to one of her cupcake docorating classes a couple of weekends ago. To be honest I was a bit nervous going in; I mean, I can eat cupcakes no problem, but to decorate them?! I have zero creativity, I'm not kidding...I cannot draw or design anything to save my LIFE. And to think I gotta decorate cupcakes?  Seemed like a pretty daunting task to me...hmmm can I just eat the cupcakes instead? 

Not knowing what to expect, I dragged my friend Cindy with me (well I didn't really have to *drag* her as she jumped at my offer lol). Although I was a teeny bit worried at first, I managed to decorate a dozen cupcakes as shown on the left! Incredible! I must say I was quite proud of myself because as I said before, I thought I didn't one creative gene in me. So now, I think I do have one...just one.

Le Dolci is located in at King & Bathurst and is currently the only cupcake decorating studio in downtown Toronto. Le Dolci was first launched in the UK in 2009 and have since then moved from London, UK, where they ran some fabulous cupcake decorating classes to Toronto~

The 2-hour cupcake decorating classes are suitable for anyone at any age. Here's Lisa giving us a brief overview about what we would be doing. We were to decorate 6 cupcakes with fondant and 6 cupcakes with buttercream. Got it. Check. Let's DO this.

By the way, notice the Pride flags? This is because each month, Le Dolci has a different theme that usually relates to events happening in Toronto or around the world. Neat, huh?

We all started with fondant and used professional food colouring to mix whatever colour we desired into the fondant. It was not my intention to make that dark pukey green colour in the middle of the bottom row there; it just came out that way after mixing too many different food colouring together. I was obviously trying too hard O_o

Besides fondant, we also got to use different kinds of sprinkles, M&Ms...

...and shape cutters.

I thought using fondant was like playing with Play-Doh =) Geez look at them...I'm so embarrassed! They look like they were made by a 5 year-old *sigh*

Using a little buttercream, we placed our fondant creations onto 6 cupcakes. Le Dolci does not use any additives or preservatives in their cupcakes.

It was time to experiment with the smooth buttercream icing for the other 6 cupcakes. Lots of really bright and colourful buttercream to test out.

We got to work with piping bags and different nozzles that made different swirls, seashells, grass, etc.

Ta-da! My cupcakes! Everybody seems to like the rubber ducky the best.

Cindy's cupcakes in Le Dolci's cake box. Cindy and I agree that the cupcakes look so much nicer and professional in these cake boxes =)

We left behind a mini war zone!

Take a look at this awesome BizBOXTV video on Le Dolci

Thanks for the class, Lisa! Cindy and I had tons of fun decorating cupcakes that day. And best of all we got to take them all home with us ^_^

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