Monday, July 4, 2011

Grilled Specialty Toast @ Taste of Asia 2011 [VLOG]

I really wasn't planning on going to Taste of Asia this year as I am not a big fan of crowds. I've been going to Taste of Asia for the past three years now (blogged about it last year) and I was seriously contemplating skipping it this time; after all, I haven't had any cravings lately for fish balls, stinky tofu, lamb skewers or takoyaki. What changed my mind though was the email I received from Winnie Yip a few weeks before Taste of AsiaWinnie, one of the four founders of Grilled Specialty Toast, contacted me several weeks before Taste of Asia. She told me about how her and her three friends: Amy Lee, Carmen Tsang, and Vanessa Chan, brought together their diversed background (culinary, interior design, advertising, communication & marketing) and created a new food choice for outdoor events, which they will be featuring at Taste of Asia this year. After learning about these grilled toasts in the email, I was sold! To show my support for these girls and their entrepreneurial spirit, I went to Taste of Asia 2011 on Saturday, June 25th, and did my second Food Junkie Chronicles vlog with them. Hope you guys will like it =D

Did you go to Taste of Asia 2011? If so, did you try these Grilled Specialty Toast? What did you think? Feel free to leave me a comment~ These lovely ladies will be featuring their Grilled Specialty Toast again this weekend at Taste of Lawrence and at the T&T Waterfront Night Market from July 21-24.

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Taste of Asia is a street festival that is held outside Pacific Mall in Markham every year. It is one of the biggest event held by the Chinese Community in Toronto. There are over 100 food and merchandise booths, along with a basketball tournament, kids play zone, and cultural performances. It is a 2 day non-stop music, food & cultural summer event. Admission is free.