Friday, July 22, 2011

Food Junkie Chronicle's 1-Year Anniversary Cake

So, why? Why did we not order dessert at The Big Ragu (see my dinner post here)? Especially when they have tiramisu (yum!), white chocolate mousse cake (yum x 2!), and chocolate cake with real Nutella cream (yum x 3!) on their dessert menu? Well, little did I know, my friend Tracy totally took me by surprise that night when she brought in a cake for me! A cake that she made for Food Junkie Chronicle's 1 Year Anniversary!!!

Tracy, an Apprentice Cake Decorator for Cakestar and also owner of Chibicakes, made me this beautiful pink cake~ It had a criss-cross pattern all around (which totally reminds me of Chanel bags lol) and was adorned with silver  and pink beads. On the top was me, with pink hair *of course* with one hand doing the peace sign (V^_^) sitting behind a few of my favourite foods including a burger, a piece of cake, and a pizza. How fitting! How cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute?! 

When I first saw the cake, I couldn't help smiling like a little girl (my friends can vouch for this). I just couldn't take my eyes of it! It was just too adorable and so...ME ^_*

A dilemma soon occurred when I realized it was time to eat the cake. I didn't want to eat it, nor anybody else to eat it for that matter. It was too beautiful! I secretly wanted to keep this forever in some vacuum and just look at it once in awhile. I really didn't want to make the first cut but I had to, it was my cake. Anyway, after taking a gazillion pictures of it I knew it had to be done. I didn't feel as bad about it after my first bite because it was DELICIOUS! It was a caramel rum cake;  it was soft, moist and just perfect because it wasn't too sweet and I could definitely taste rum *yum*

My arm with the peace sign was strong and prevailed the cut LOL

There's me lying down with my food heh~!

Showcasing some of Tracy's cakes. Aren't they incredible?!

Thank you, Tracy, for being so incredibly thoughtful and making me this cake for my blog's anniversary! I will never forget it ^_^ *xoxo*

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