Monday, July 25, 2011

The Mott's Clamato Caesar Kit Giveaway Winner Is...


Congratulations! =D Please email me at with your shipping information. I will then forward your info to Mott's Clamato (they will be sending you the kit). Congrats again and I hope you will enjoy this awesome kit ^_^

I also want to say a big THANKS to the 35 contestants who participated in the contest! Many of you may not know this but this Mott's Clamato Caesar Kit Giveaway is actually my first ever giveaway / contest on my blog~ It is certainly not my last (there will be another one coming in a few weeks time, so look out for it =D).

Having said that, with more giveaway / contests coming up, I want to ensure my followers that I am 100% honest when I say the winner is picked RANDOMLY. To back that statement up, I want to quickly show you guys how I went about tracking this particular contest. Even though my contests in the future may not be exactly the same as this one, be rest assured that I will go through the same process and due diligence ^_^

After the contest was over, I copy and pasted the #foodieyucaesar Twitter stream onto a Word document. This was 10/19 pages shown as an example.

Using Excel, I entered all the the valid entries. The tracking was done using chronological order, as in, #1 was the first ballot entered right after the contest went live and #138 was the last ballot entered right before the contest ended. The Entry ballot was given for each contestant that tweeted "I want to win the #foodieyucaesar kit!" [entry rule]. Each subsequent tweet or retweet by that contestant (with the #foodieyucaesar hashtag) was given an additional ballot (people tweeting or retweeting tweets but did not submit an entry ballot was not entered into the contest). Once all 138 ballots were accounted for in my spreadsheet, I went to check if the 35 contestants actually followed me on Twitter [entry rule].

I used the "True Random Number Generator" from to randomly pick a winner for me from 1 to 138.

And that was how I tracked and determined the winner for this giveaway. The End =)