Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Feast - Second of Six for 2010

Not sure if you noticed, but the number of weddings that I will be attending this year has jumped from four to six (my last post about weddings was a month ago, titled "Wedding Feast - First of Four for 2010"). Yeah, not sure how it happened, but it did! And it just so happens that they are spaced out with one every month till October - so one feast per month...I can certainly handle that! 

So two weeks ago, my friend had her wedding reception at Diamond Banquet Hall at First Markham Place. Diamond is also a Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum by day, and  Guangdong dishes by night. The banquet hall / restaurant can accommodate around 30 tables, which works out perfectly for her lovely evening reception.

Cute towel origami puppies~

Here's the menu for the night.

The 12-course meal

Gonna be eating with these fancy utensils. I know I'm ready!

Whole Suckling Pig - The red eyes are a nice touch haha

It also came with a steamer of...

...flat doughy things? I never had these before.

I ate them alongside the pork. 

The pork skin was tasty and very crispy. YUM!

Stir Fried Shrimp & Scallop with Vegetable - Notice the picture of
the beautiful couple in the background =)

Love dipping the seafood in hot sauce!

Deep Fried Crab Claw - surely a favorite for many. Very meaty
and delicious.

Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat - thick with shark's fin. I had it
with red vinegar.

Braised Abalone Slices with Sea Cucumber - big piece of abalone! 

Roasted Crispy Chicken - crispy skin and juicy meat. Came with the
standard shrimp chips =)

Lobster with Supreme Sauce - not sure what the "supreme sauce" is.

Steamed Green Bass - I liked this...wish there was more though =(

Seafood Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaves

You had a choice of rice or the...

Braised E-Fu Noodles with Enoki Mushrooms

Lastly, for dessert, there were assorted pastries on a large plate. I took the coconut tarts:

There was also the Purple Bean Soup with Dumplings...

...which concludes the 12-course meal. By the way, you know what's nice? Remember that whole suckling pig for the first course, and how we only ate the skin? Well, the rest of the meat were boxed and bagged up by the staff for the guests to take away, which I thought that was a nice touch.

Oh, and I also won the pretty centerpiece, which now resides at my boyfriend's place =)

The delicious and endless amount of food was only a small part of the reception - what made the night so special was the celebration of the couple's union; since meeting the first time at University of Toronto, to now, ten wonderful years later~ The night consisted of bringing together family and friends to celebrate this very special night. The wedding reception was festive, fun, and emotional (some speeches made me cry), and I am so honored to have been invited =) Congratulations to the beautiful couple!