Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Montreal Food Journey - Day 2: La Marée

After having such a wonderful lunch at Jardin Nelson, my boyfriend and I wanted to come back to Old Montreal for dinner so that we can take full advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery.  Specifically, we wanted to dine at the same area where Jardin Nelson is located. If you've been to Old Montreal, you would know which area I'm talking about - the wide stone road where caricaturists set up shop, street performers entertain, with wooden benches for people to sit on and relax, and the restaurants are lined up on both sides (Jardin Nelson being one of them). So that same night, we ditched my excel spreadsheet and checked out the restaurants along there (not too many, 6 at most), and decided on La Marée

La Maree - we sat along the edge of the patio

As you can probably tell by the first picture (given that you know a bit of French), La Marée is a steak and seafood restaurant, not French cuisine. I started myself off with a cocktail (forgot the name of it now, I just remember that it has Baileys in it). My boyfriend ordered his usual beer.

The next three pictures will give you an idea of what I see around me. Beautiful, huh?

My view of the patio - the ledge is on the left. FYI boyfriend went to
the washroom haha.

My view when I look behind my left shoulder - I believe the taller
building is Jardin Nelson
The view on my left

Both our entrees come with a starter salad. The salad was average. They had bread too but I forgot to take a picture of it. 

I ordered the seafood linguini. Look at the size of those shrimps! Tons of mussels too! The scallops were buried beneath the shrimps. Lots of pasta as well. However, I found the sauce too heavy. It was a tomato/cream sauce, but I think they added some cheese to it too, making it extra heavy and filling, way too much for such a big dish. I purposely didn't finish because I know if I did, I would feel really gross and stuffed (and I'm saving room for dessert hehe).

My boyfriend ordered mussels (this is very rare of him, choosing seafood over steak). There were tons of mussels in that bowl, almost too much really. It didn't help that the "white wine sauce" hardly had any taste! The fries were not much better than McCain fries. After this experience, I don' t think my boyfriend will be ordering mussels for his main course anytime soon!

This restaurant is really just average. Although the portions are good, the flavors were non-existent for both dishes. Thank goodness for their patio, which made up for their mediocre food. It got pretty cold and windy towards the end of our meal, so we left the restaurant right away and headed towards Creperie Chez Suzette, which was just a few minutes walk from La MaréeCreperie Chez Suzette is a dessert place I found from my research. They have savory crepes, dessert crepes, cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, and also a normal dine-in menu. I was sooooo excited about going there! But to my disappointment, they close at 11pm =( We got there at 10:45pm and they said they were closing (we started dinner late). I was so sad since that night was the last night we were in Montreal =( Without question, I would need to go to Creperie Chez Suzette the next time I am in Montreal.

We walked back to the car. I felt so lost whenever I don't end my meal with dessert (such a bad habit). So while I waited in the car, my boyfriend got us a large Oreo McFlurry from McDonald's on the way back to the hotel. I was okay again =)

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