Friday, May 7, 2010

Cupcake Madness at CupcakeCampTO

CupcakeCamp was originated in San Francisco. Its mission is to bring together cupcake lovers, bakers, and eaters from in and around the community to celebrate and embrace their love for cupcakes. It became so successful there that CupcakeCamp was brought over to Toronto for the first time last year at LabSpace Studios. This year, CupcakeCamp TO was held on May 2nd at Prime Gallery on 52 McCaul Street. What is also neat about all this is (yes theres more to it than just cupcakes) is that net proceeds from the ticket sales goes to the Daily Bread Food Bank. So, not only are the bakers having fun baking, and the eaters having fun eating (ME!), it is also for a good cause. Bonus!!! =) 

Here are some stats for this year's event:

  • 38 bakers 
  • >50 flavors
  • >180 eaters
  • 2,000 cupcakes

Crazy, huh? Bakers can also enter into a voluntary cupcake competition. Sugar overload for the judges! Can you imagine having to taste 50 cupcakes in a span of 3 hours?! I can't, and I love sweets!

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. I didn't bring my SLR though because I was lazy. Good thing too because it was quite crowded in there and HOT! Knowing me, I probably wouldn't have the patience to take good pictures anyway.

Don't they all look so lovely and delicious? I hope I can make cupcakes like these some day. I think everyone there was in cupcake heaven.

Cindy and I stood here the entire time - this is the entrance where the bakers come through with trays full of cupcakes. Great spot to grab whatever cupcake we wanted to try.

If I remember correctly, I only got to try around 6 or 7 mini cupcakes (I purposely avoided the big ones because I was scared of being too full afterwards). This is because the 38 bakers were separated into small groups and scheduled to showcase their cupcakes every 15-20 minutes (the whole event lasted from 2pm - 5pm). I couldn't stay for the whole time and had to leave around 3:30pm.

Since the event took place in an art gallery, here are two pictures I took randomly of the art inside.

I think I would've preferred if all the cupcakes were showcased at the same time because not many people can stay for the whole three hours. It also didn't help that the art gallery was extremely hot that day, and with the crowd inside, an hour and a half was really the most I can take. Although, I know it would've been crazy, impossible actually, if all 2,000 cupcakes were displayed at the same time, given the limited amount of space in the art gallery. So I guess scheduled presentations was the only way to go. Oh well! All in all, I still had a great time =)