Friday, May 14, 2010

Dumplings at The Sugar...and more

The Sugar is one of the many places I go for Chinese desserts, and recently, it has also become a place for cheap dinner deals. The Sugar is located in North York, which is a good place to meet up for me and my friends; I live in Mississauga (west end) and 99% of my friends are either in Richmond Hill or Markham (east end), so North York can be considered the middle point. Although I love crepes and waffles, I sometimes crave for Chinese dessert, especially the sweet dumplings. Besides desserts, The Sugar also has snacks, noodles and rice dishes. Recently, it has added a few new items in their set dinner menu, with various ramen and steamed dishes..

Below are some pictures I've taken on three different occasions.

This is their main menu. The picture below shows the different kinds of appetizers they have

The Chinese desserts.

For this visit, I was thinking of only ordering dessert because I already had dinner earlier. But looking at this ramen menu, I couldn't resist...

...and I ordered the "Chili Spicy Fish Fillet Chinese Ramen". Notice for $6.49, I get a choice of Bubble Milk Tea with Tapioca or Green Apple Green Tea with Tapioca, the Ramen, and also a milk pudding dessert.

Here's my Bubble Milk Tea. The tapioca was a bit too hard for my liking. Either way, I usually don't eat too many because I don't want to get full from them.

Stinky Fried Tofu. This was yummy. Not overly fried (inside was still very soft) and came out steaming hot.

These are the Fried Taro Ball. I love them!

Here's my Chili Spicy Fish Fillet Chinese Ramen. A lot more fish fillets than I expected! This was pretty good...and cheap!

For dessert, my friend Adrienne ordered the "Sweet Almond Soup"...

...with the addition of sesame sweet dumplings.

Below is my favorite dessert at The Sugar, the five assorted sweet dumplings. The traditional Chinese dumplings has always been with sesame filling. But The Sugar plays on the old favorite and offers a few new flavors (from bottom left): mango, green tea, chocolate, sesame, and taro.

My favorite is the mango dumpling. The mango filling really oozes out when you bite in =)

I was so stuffed after all this. I had dinner at home, and a drink, a bowl of ramen, a dessert pudding, and five sweet dumplings. Needless to say, I felt pretty guilty afterwards eating so much...I'm such a pig =(

Another time, I went with my boyfriend. This time around I really went there for dinner only and nothing else. We both ordered a set dinner; mine came with Bubble Peach Green Tea with Tapioca. The tapioca this time was just right, chewy yet not too hard or soft.

My boyfriend wanted chicken wings, so this is their Deep Fried Chicken Wings. This was good and very crispy. You can tell that they use good oil (not reused many times over) by the chicken's golden color.

This is my Stewed Beef with Noodle in Soup. On the menu it indicated "spicy" but I didn't find it spicy at all. Besides that, the noodles and beef were good.

And here's the milk pudding that I forgot to take a picture of last time. Even this was surprising good, light, and refreshing. My whole meal was again $6.99.

My boyfriend ordered the Satay Beef and Golden Mushroom Chinese Ramen. He also had the bubble tea and milk pudding. And same thing, $6.49 for his meal.

My last time there was with my friend Julia. She did not have dinner yet, while I already went out for Vietnamese pho earlier. This time around I asserted some self control and did not order dinner again.  

She ordered one of the "Fusion Steamed Dishes", so instead of bubble tea, it comes with a Stewed Health Soup. 

This was her Fish Filet in Hong Kong Style. It took around 20 minutes to come - the waitress said the steamed dishes usually takes longer. Anyway, a lot of fish fillets. Like the set dinners, it comes with the milk pudding dessert afterwards, and everything together was $8.49.

When she was having her dinner, I had my usual favorite five assorted sweet dumplings. And when we were both done, we shared the House Special Super Golden Sago Mix, which consists of sea coconut, mixed fruit, ice cream, and sago. Sounds grand, huh? This is a good and refreshing cold dessert.

I come here pretty often, and this post summarizes my favorite things at The Sugar..well, my favorites for now =)

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