Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pizza for a Good Cause at Pizza Nova

On Tuesday, May 11th, Pizza Nova and Variety hosted the 11th Annual That's Amore Pizza for Kids, a fundraising event where walk-in customers can purchase a medium pepperoni pizza for $4.99 at Pizza Nova, and they will donate $1 from each pizza sold to Variety - The Children's Charity. I loooove pizza, and so does my friend, Adrienne. So me, Adrienne, and Cindy met up at the Pizza Nova at Bathurst and Harbord (we all work in downtown) and got ourselves 2 medium pizzas for dinner (came out to a grand total of $9.99!). We walked back to Cindy's place for an impromptu "girl's night" for some pizza, TV, and chit-chat.

I've never had pizza from Pizza Nova before. I remember some of my friends told me that they prefer Pizza Nova over Pizza Pizza, which is a relieve for me because I hate Pizza Pizza (Cindy had Pizza Pizza once and she said never again). And after trying Pizza Nova's pizza yesterday, I've got to say that it is way better than Pizza Pizza

For a $4.99 pizza, they could've easily skimped out on the pepperoni, but on the contrary, there was a lot more pepperoni than I expected. 

Although our "girl's night" only lasted about an hour, it was good catching up with my girl friends while eating yummy pizza (I hate 6 pieces, such a pig). But also, it was good cheap pizza for a good cause. And as a foodie, what more can I ask for right? =)