Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Samuel J. Moore

The Samuel J. Moore's got it covered - lunch, brunch, dinner, dessert, drinks, snacks, midnight eats - you name it, they've got it. The new bistro at the corner of Queen and Dovercourt is open for business at almost every single hour of every day. Pretty neat, ya? 

Being the life of the party (yes that's me) there's always a time and place for late night quick-and-dirty eats (like Poutini's). However ladies, you should know what I mean when I say this: sometimes there's just no way I'm gonna eat standing up after hours in my 3-inch heels. Go ahead and call me high maintenance but know this: when it's your sore and squished toes on the line, you'll thank me for this blog post. Why's that? 'Cause now you'll know that The Samuel J. Moore, an actual sit down restaurant, is serving food till 4 am in the morning, Thursday through Saturday. That's right. You're welcome.

High ceiling, tile floors with a black and white theme throughout the room gives a simple yet classy tavern feel to The Samuel J. Moore  (@TheSamuelJMoore). An eye-catching marble-top bar stretches along the back of the entire space. Beautiful.

Templar Sour - Islay, Almond. Citrus. Egg white. Sour cherry ($14)

Also got some bubbly, which of course goes perfectly with...


Snacks ($5 each or $13 for 3)
White Bean. Anchoy. Bread. Olive oil
Devils on horseback
Cornmeal crusted smelts. Remoulade

Gnudi. Cream. Mushrooms. Peas. Caramelized pearl onions. Brown butter ($18)

Haddock, kale, celery root & potato puree

Rapini ($7)

Carrot cake w/ white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Toasted coconut. Candied walnuts. Maple brown butter. Apple chutney ($8)

Formerly of Brockton General, chef Alexandra Feswick (@Alexandfeswick) focuses on using local and seasonal ingredients at The Samuel J. Moore. At the dinner, I particularly enjoyed the devils on horseback - prunes stewed in port, then stuffed with walnuts and blue cheese, then wrapped in bacon and roasted. I kid you not but there was literally a flavour explosion in my mouth (these bad boys were also chef Feswick's signature dish at Daily Bread Food Bank's Ultimate Food Challenge last week). Because I was looking for something light, I opted for the haddock with kale; sitting on an airy, earthy celery root and potato puree, the haddock was lightly seasoned and refreshing, and it was exactly what I wanted. The carrot cake, presented in a glass cup, was creamy and very sweet and had the candied walnuts provided a nice crunch. An overall great dessert for sharing.

Next time when I'm not looking for something light and healthy at The Samuel J. Moore, I'm so gonna order their burger... which I've heard nothing but praises. A hand-chopped sirloin and bone marrow burger on brioche with Stilton cheese, fennel catsup with frites. Seriously? I salivated from just typing that...!

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