Monday, May 27, 2013

Glas Wine Bar

Glas Wine Bar (Twitter: @glaswinebar, Facebook: Glas Wine Bar) is a cozy, 20-seat wine bar in Leslieville headed by chef and owner Danny Pantano. Pantano, who has worked in Italy for over nine years (including in several Michelin-starred restaurants) followed by stints in London, England and Montreal, cleverly boasts his refined technique, elegance and finesse at Glas, which opened its doors less than a year ago in June 2012. With a constantly changing menu coupled with an increasingly popular, weekly four-course vegetarian prix-fixe dubbed "The Green Glass Affair", chef Pantano devotes his precision and talent on local and seasonal ingredients that is showcased on an array of small sharing plates. 

The large art pieces at Glas adds a lot character to the otherwise simple space.

From Glas' VQA wine list: Sparkling wine from Hinterland

Olives and nuts (complementary)

Smoked Coho salmon bits with smoked cream cheese crostini ($6)

Celery Root Pappardelle creamy cheese sauce, Italian black truffle ($15)

Risotto with braised leeks, sauteed mussels, dried clay red pepper ($15)

Daily Tartare with crostini ($14)

Polenta crusted Lake Erie Silver bass, fingerling potatoes, spinach puree ($16)

Roasted ON Muscovy duck breast, Marsala glaze, rapini ($16)

Tuscan red wine cake with Niagara Merlot sauce ($7)

Creme Brulee scented with dried lavender ($7)

Chef Pantano's delicate touch and attention to detail, both in terms of presentation and flavours, are undeniably evident in his plates; the clean and elegant presentation perfectly sets the backdrop for the light and fresh flavour combinations that is to come. Nothing on Glas' menu is overbearingly heavy nor complicated - Pantano focuses on keeping his dishes simple and intricate, letting the fresh ingredients shine on their own. I left Glas feeling content, satisfied and not over-the-top stuffed (this is honestly a me!) Standouts that night for me were the smoked salmon with smoked cream cheese crostini, the risotto with braised leeks and sauteed mussels, and the tartare. I also enjoyed the fragant lavender in the creme brulee and although the red wine cake tasted great, I thought the presentation fell short relative to all the beautifully plated dishes that evening. 

With Pantano manning his tiny kitchen (and if I may add, a kitchen without a hood!) service was a bit on the slow side during my visit. I didn't mind though, after all it was a Saturday night out and I wasn't in a hurry. It also helps that Glas has a very affordable and reasonably priced VQA wine list. With no bottle exceeding $46, I am more than happy to slowly sip and savour on wine between courses :)

P.S: Glas participated in East End Dinner Club's inaugural dinner several weeks ago! Click here if you missed my post on it.

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