Friday, November 30, 2012

The Winner of the Firkin Pubs Gift Card Giveaway is...


Congratulations Grace =D You have just won a $125 Gift Card to Firkin Pubs! Please email me at with your first and last name and your address so I can mail you the gift card. 

Congrats again and I hope you will enjoy your time at Firkin!

I also want to say a big THANKS to the 95 contestants who participated in the contest

Here's a snapshot of the Excel spreadsheet where I tracked the #FirkinContest stream from day one of the contestThe tracking was done in chronological order, as in, #1 was the first person to enter the contest. To enter, the person has to tweet "I want to win a $125 Gift Card to @FirkinPubs! #FirkinContest #FirkinRevolution". Once the contest was over and everybody's entry was accounted for on my spreadsheet, I went to check if they follow me on Twitter

Out of the 95 people who entered my contest, 11 people do not follow me on twitter; they were removed from the above spreadsheet. There were also quite a few people who entered my contest more than once... I only counted their first entry.

I used "True Random Number Generator" from to pick the winner for me.