Thursday, November 1, 2012



So, can you imagine how deliriously happy I was when Valerie from Charming Media (Twitter: @CharmingMediaPR, Facebook: Charming Media) gave me a buytopia (@Buytopia) gift voucher for the Cheese Emporium?

 The gift voucher was for a gourmet cheese package at Cheese Emporium which included:

Spanish Cabrales Artisanal Blue Cheese
12-Year-Old Quebec Cheddar
French Truffle Brie

What should I do with all this cheese? Obviously this:

Pure bliss.

 I really liked the sharp blue flavour and the grassy aroma of the Spanish Cabrales Blue, and the wonderful crumbly texture and richness of the Quebec cheddar, but what I loved most of all was the French Truffle Brie. The delicate yet strong flavour of the truffles in the soft, nutty interior of the brie altogether in a amazingly creamy concoction was just CRAZY GOOD! I can't get enough of it because I mean, come on, it is 


'Nuff said :P

Thanks again, Val!