Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Red Fish

Red Fish (Twitter: @redfishresto, Facebook: Red Fish) is a restaurant that is all about sustainable seafood. Located at the corner of College and Delaware (previously Mitzi's on College), Red Fish is an Ocean Wise restaurant (Ocean Wise is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program that educates and empowers consumers about sustainable seafood). Because Red Fish only uses seafood that is Ocean Wise approved (i.e. an item which is a good choice for keeping ocean life healthy and abundant for generations to come), the restaurant's a la carte menu changes daily depending on availability. 

Ken (@inyourmouthTO) and I headed over to Red Fish last week for dinner where chef David Friedman (@fishcooker) spoiled us an all-encompassing seafood feast (some back ground info: chef Friedman was trained at a Vancouver culinary school involved with Ocean Wise and is also currently involved with Slow Fish, an international campaign for sustainable fishing).

INCAN MOJITO (with muddle Quirquina)

OYSTERS - Pickled artic kiwi, dulse and tomato water, pickled mushroom

CHEF'S BORED - Scallop crudo, keta salmon, mackerel sashimi, rainbow trout liver mousse, pickled shiro plums, pickled garlic scapes, grain mustard, pickled mustard, ponzu

THAI PRAWN BROTH - BC Sidestripe shrimp, beech mushrooms 

SEA BREAM CEVICHE (NOVA SCOTIA) - House prepared hominy, grilled purple potato

SEARED ALASKAN SCALLOPS - Octopus hash, Jerusalem artichokes, paprika oil

B.C OCTOPUS SSAM - Chili / miso dressing, pickled vegetables, black sesame 

ANGEL HAIR - with shaved bottarga

Chef brought out the red mullet bottarga used for our pasta (this was for our eyes only lol)

ARCTIC CHAR - Apple / horseradish gnocchi, bacon, chanterelles

ROASTED SQUASH - Pumpkin seeds, cayenne

ICE CREAM - Chocolate, caramel swirl, pumpkin

The Chef's Bored, the octopus ssam, and the pasta with bottarga were the most outstanding plates for me that night. Akin to a charcuterie board, the Chef's Bored (not a typo) had a beautiful, cold-smoked salmon (smoked in-house), an ever so thinly sliced scallop crudo (with rhubarb!) and mackerel sashimi. All really fresh. All really delicious. The rainbow trout liver mousse was impeccable and in my opinion, the best item on the "board". With the slightly fatty, clarified butter seal on top, the ultra smooth rainbow trout liver mousse was so tasty on a crostini. I could eat that all night. I also enjoyed the octopus ssam; it was fun, mischievously fun, to suddenly be allowed to eat with your hands :P A word of caution though...the ssam was really spicy! I love spicy food but it was a tad too spicy, even for me. The pasta with grated bottarga was my favourite dish of the night. The bottarga, which is salted, cured fish roe, is a true delicacy. It was absolutely divine and the most flavourful. Grated on top of the fresh, spring-y angel hair, it was a simple dish but such a fantastic one (I almost didn't want to share it with Ken)!

 Using fresh ingredients with sustainable seafood, Red Fish lets natural flavours shine. Nonetheless, there were a few times during dinner that I thought a sauce, or a purée, could have brought out or enhanced the flavours on the plate. All in all, I enjoyed my dinner at Red Fish. I think it's marvelous how chef Friedman incorporates ingredients and flavours inspired from different cultures (i.e. the Thai prawn broth, the Korean ssam, etc.) It is also truly commendable for Red Fish to offer such an environmentally sound menu. 

*This meal was complimentary. The opinions and views expressed on this post are my own*

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