Friday, November 23, 2012

Café Boulud's à la carte

Yes. Yes I did. Merely two weeks after my fantastic tasting menu, I went back to Café Boulud (@CafeBouludTOfor dinner again...this time, for their à la carte menu. I know going to Café Boulud twice in such a short time period seems a bit excessive, but I had a very good reason for my second dinner: a friend from out of town was visiting and it was my job, my duty, to take him around Toronto to eat. I'm telling the truth. I swear ;)

Anyway, here is what we had:

FLUKE CEVICHE - Celery Vinaigrette, tapioca pearls, Persian cucumber and caviar

VITELLO TONNATO - Celery, anchovy, caperberries

CRISPY DUCK EGG - Fricassée of wild mushrooms, duck confit, salsify and celery root

NOVA SCOTIA LOBSTER SALAD - Coconut, jicama, romaine

NINE HERB AGNOLOTTI - Tomato concassee, baby artichokes, parmesan cheese and taggiasche olives

KOLAPORE SPRINGS SPECKLED TROUT - Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts fondue, hazelnuts, black currants, capers and lemon

POULET AU VINAIGRE D'ESTRAGON - Roasted Chantecler breast, stuffed leg tomato confit, fennel, tarragon-vinegar jus

GRAPEFRUIT GIVRE - Sesame halva, rose loukoum, grapefruit sorbet

WARM CHOCOLATE COULANT - Liquid caramel, fleur de sel, caramelized milk ice cream

Another outstanding dinner at Café Boulud in my book. 

The fluke ceviche and the vitello tonnato were just as delectable as I had it two weeks ago. My friend and I both agreed that the show-stopper though, or the most memorable dish of the night, goes to the duck egg. Crispy on the outside with its sweet, runny yolk inside, the perfectly cooked duck egg alongside a medley of vegetables and earthy mushrooms was just extraordinary. I was also surprisingly fond of the roasted chicken ("surprising" because I usually do not order chicken...I hate dry and overcooked chicken). The roasted chantecler breast here was actually incredibly juicy and tender. Paired with tarragon-vinegar jus, this was a very delicious and hearty main. To end the night, I couldn't resist not ordering the grapefruit givre; the sheer grandeur of the dessert was extremely enticing to me (I asked my server what it was when it was brought over to the table next to us). Not only did it look cool, the grapefruit givre was very tasty as well. The strands of sweet, sesame cotton candy and the refreshing, grapefruit sorbet (inside the grapefruit) totally works. If you are a lover of ooey-gooey chocolate desserts, you must order the warm chocolate coulant. Overflowing with smooth and luscious liquid caramel, this warm chocolate dessert was sublime. 

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