Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stubbe Chocolates: A Sneak Peek

Stubbe Chocolates (Facebook: Stubbe Chocolates), located on 653 Dupont St (Dupont & Christie), is a family run business for six generations. It all started when Johann Heinrich Petrus Stubbe established Stubbe Chocolates on May 9, 1845, in the northern German city of Meppan. In 1989, almost 150 years later, Heinrich Josef Stubbe moved the company to Canada where today, he and his son, Daniel, continue their family's passion with two locations, one in Toronto and one in Ottawa.

Specializing in chocolates and 
using European recipes with the finest ingredients around the world, Stubbe offers some of the finest handmade truffles, chocolates, tortes and pastries, with everything made on premise. In addition to what you see in store, Stubbe also does a wide range of wedding cakes as well as workshops for adults (Introduction to working with chocolate & Introduction to making truffles), children (Children's chocolate workshop) and corporate and private events (i.e. private workshops, chocolate tasting, etc.) 

So why am I doing this "sneak peek" on Stubbe Chocolates? Lets just say I have an AMAZING giveaway next Tuesday, October 16, with Stubbe and Choco-locate (Twitter: Chocolocate, Facebook: Choco-locate). And seriously, when I say something is amazing, I'm NOT kidding! And for all you chocolate lovers out there, my giveaway will be INCREDIBLY drool-worthy...and that's a promise.

Showcasing all their chocolates on one side with an open kitchen at the back where all the goodies are created, Stubbe Chocolates is a very spacious, neat and inviting space.

They are: Amaretto, Apricot Brandy, Attache, Balsamic Vinegar, Banana Rum, Bittersweet, Blood Orange, Buckwheat Honey, Cappuccino, Caramel, Cassis, Champagne, Chili, Cointreau, Fleur de Biere, Gewuerztraminer, Gingerbread, Grand Marnier, Irish Coffee, Kir Royal, Maker's Mark, Mango, Peach and Champagne, Pear William, Raspberry, Special Dark, Special Milk, and Vanilla :P***

Here are some of Stubbe's gift boxes for their truffles and bonbons; I personally really like the look of their gift boxes...very classy with the dark blue and ribbons. They also have a wide selection of other classics like maripan fruit, nonpareils, almond clusters, orange peel and hot chocolate.

A chocolate stiletto and champaign bottle for a special occasion? Yes, please!

 Check out these Halloween-themed chocolates. So adorable.

Last but not least, you will find traditional European tortes, classic chocolate cakes, and gluten free cakes at Stubbe. Small tortes are available daily and larger cakes should be ordered 72 hours in advance (for pick up or local delivery).Stubbe can also personalize your cake (here are some of Stubbe's celebration cakes.)

Drooling much??? :D

Again. Fabulous contest next Tuesday with Stubbe Chocolates and Choco-locate. Keep your eyes peeled!!!

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