Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buca Revisited

Went to Buca (@bucatoronto) last week with my friend Peter. First time at Buca for Peter, third time for me. Having said that, I was more than happy to go again when he suggested having dinner there; the last time I was at Buca was back in February for their Enoteca Tasting menu (absolutely phenomenal experience, one of the best meals I've had this year) and the time before that was more than two years ago with a group of friends for my birthday, where we ordered from the regular menu. Oh, I should also mention that the restaurant is gorgeous! Every time I walk in I'm in awe at how beautiful Buca is. So nope, I did not mind going again :)

Cocktail for me. A glass of Chianti for Peter.


Because the bread knots made quite an impression on me two years ago, I insisted on ordering them again. 

NODINI - Warm bread knots with olive oil, rosemary, garlic and sea salt ($7)

Peter was in charge of ordering everything else.

OLIVE CALDE - Warm marinated olives ($6)

SOPRESSATA - House cured spicy calabrese pork sausage 
LINGUA DI MANZO - House cured grass fed beef tongue rubbed with black pepper
BURRO DI BUCA - House cured pork fat whipped with spices

RICOTTA DI BUFALA - Whipped fresh water buffalo milk whey cheese finished with tuscan spice and quebec floral honey
SOVRANO BUFALA REGGIANO - Prized reggiano wheel made from buffalo milk, aged 5 years
VENTO DE ESTATE - Firm sheep's milk cheese aged in hay, slightly sweet and earthy

SPAGHETTI AL NERO DI MAIALE - Hand-cut pork blood pasta with n'duja, soffritto and rapini finished with smoked burrata cheese ($22) 

*The pasta did not come like this. Our server mixed everything together at the table before I had a chance to take a picture*

ZUCCHINE E GAMBERI - Zucchini and rock shrimp with cherry tomatoes and basil ($22)

Aside from the spaghetti being a tad too spicy for us, our dinner at Buca was great (FYI the bread knots were just as good as I remember). The salumi and cheese board really stole the show that evening...just fantastic with the warm olives. We passed on dessert only because we wanted to save room for various "liquid desserts" afterwards at Spirithouse's grand opening party :)

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