Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stirling Creamery at Ruby Watchco

I fully anticipated overdosing on butter when I RSVP'd to Stirling Creamery's "Introduction to The Butter Collection" event held at  Ruby Watchco on March 19. But no, nothing could have prepared me for the buttery deliciousness that evening. I mean not only were Stirling Creamery's butter served with bread for everyone to enjoy, chef Lora Kirk from Ruby Watchco also prepared numerous savoury and sweet creations that featured a variety of Stirling Creamery butters. From hush puppies made with honey butter to brown butter sugar pie with brown butter fried raisins, I was fully butter'd out. Butter coma was in full effect!

Stirling Creamery has been cold barrel churning some of Canada's finest butter since 1925 in Stirling, Ontario. Globe and Mail's food reporter, Chris Nuttal-Smith (@cnutsmith) called their butter "exceedingly creamy and voluptuous tasting" and Saveur Magazine declared it " of the World's 30 Great Butters". Not surprised as Stirling Creamery butters are all-natural, artisanal crafted butter that eschews colourants or preservatives.

I had several of these Stirling Stirrup cocktails :) It was made with Sailor Jerry Rum, Ginger Syrup, Lime and Apple, Carrot Puree and Stirling Creamery Brown Butter Sugar Rim (yeh you read right, BROWN BUTTER RIMMED =D)

Master Butter Maker Chet Blair of Stirling Creamery with Rossy Earle (@PanCanCooks). By the way, Rossy makes the best hot sauce in the city! Check it out at SupiCucu (@SupiCucu). 

Chet Blair, chef Kirk and Greg Nogler, Marketing Director of Stirling Creamery 

We all had the pleasure to taste the following creations made by chef Kirk:

Hush Puppies with Honey Butter

Poached Shrimp with Corn Pudding 

Salted Roasted Beet Tartar with Walnut Goat Butter & Chervil Streusel

Radish with 84 Reserve Butter with Rosemary Honey

Brown Butter Sugar Pie with Butter Fried Raisins

Maple Butter Blondie with a Brown Butter Caramel

Pan Fried Pound Cake with Citrus Curd

Chocolate Cupcake with White Chocolate Butter Cream

Chef Kirk in the kitchen.

Chef Lynn Crawford (@CHEF_LYNN) of Ruby Watchco checking out our goody bags :)

I took home a bag full of butter. Thanks Stirling Creamery

Stirling Unsalted Butter - The ideal baking butter for crumble-perfect shortbread cookies, flaky pie crusts, pastries and cakes. Use in sauces, sauteing and shallow frying.
Stirling Salted Butter - Use in making butter tarts, salted caramel toffees or caramel sauces.
Stirling European Butter - Ideal butter for bakers looking to make croissants and butter cookies. A multi-purpose butter.
Stirling Whey Butter - Spread on morning toast, freshly baked scones, baguettes or rolls. It can also be used in a range of baked goods and confections.
Stirling Goat's Milk Butter - The perfect butter option for sweet or savoury canapes, in baked goods, homemade fudge, buttermilk biscuits, stocks and sauces, mashed potatoes.
Stirling Premium Butterballs - Serve it with fine bread or dinner.

 My favourite butter gtom that night was Stirling Creamery's whey butter. Made from whey cream that has been left over from cheese-making, the whey butter was extremely creamy, silky and smooth. It had a slight nuttiness tone to it too (almost like a soft cheese). 

Thank you Mary Luz Mejia (@MaryLuzOnFood) of Sizzling Communications for the invite!