Sunday, April 15, 2012

La Carnita Presents UNO, The Art Show

La Carnita (Twitter: @la_carnita, Facebook: LaCarnita), Toronto's very own legendary pop-up shop, hosted a massive party at Evergreen Brickworks on Friday, April 13. UNO was a free, one-night only event that showcased original street art from North American artists complimented by chefs making Mexican inspired street food: tacos, tostadas and churros.

For those not in the know, La Carnita is a pop-up taqueria that pairs street-inspired original art with street-inspired original tacos. This kitchen-less restaurant has been popping-up now and then across Toronto since August, 2011 and brings together Toronto’s passionate food and art enthusiasts. So how does street art and tacos go together you ask? Well, every time you go for to their pop-up events, whether it be on the street, at concerts, or at the Toronto Underground Market ("TUM"), you would get a limited edition piece of art; the tacos are essentially a gift (the art piece from UNO is shown above).

Andrew Richmond, the mastermind behind the travelling taco party.

Photo Credit: The Toronto Star

I saw some of the coolest street art that night. Incredibly cryptic and edgy. From La Carnita:

"These artists, who have destroyed walls across the globe in both galleries and alleys, will be creating works inspired by the skulls that act as the visual focus of the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos. During this holiday, communities and families gather in the cemeteries around the city, having fiestas and picnics to honour both the living and the dead. This gathering and celebration of art and food is exactly what La Carnita and UNO is all about."

Can't have tacos with out tequila =) Tequila Tromba (@TequilaTromba) represent!

Music by Fathom (left) and Don Valley (right). You guys were awesome!

Although tacos were scheduled to be served at 9pm, the line ups started way before that around 8-8:15pm.

The scene an hour later...insaneeeeeeeee!

I was extremely lucky to get a backstage pass! Got some behind-the-scene pics :)

Tacos from the La Carnita chefs:

Bertrand Alépée (@TheTemperedChef) - Chorizo Taco w/ Homemade Chorizo, Lime Crema & Spicy Avocado

Scott Vivian (@BeastRestaurant) - Chicken Karaage Tostada w/ Carrot Salad, Thai Chili Mayo & Avocado Puree

Andrew Richmond (@la_carnita) - Fish taco w/ Mexican Crema, Voltron Sauce, Pickled Cabbage, Green Apple & Cilantro.

Steve Gonzalez (@latino5spice) - Tostada w/ Avocado, Shrimp & Calamari Ceviche

And Guy Rawlings' (@guy_rawlings) churros.

Crazy party! So much fun! Let's do it again!!!

By the way, saw this tweet from La Carnita on Saturday....

Excited! A La Carnita restaurant focused on mescal, tequila, tacos, craft beer, good music, good art, good food? YES PLEASE!