Monday, April 9, 2012

Old Lahaina Lu'au (Maui)

A lu'au is a Hawaiian meal / feast which features traditional Hawaiian food, music and hula, a dance accompanied by chant developed in the Hawaiian Islands by Polynesians who originally settled there. I think going to a lu'au is a must if you're visiting Hawaii for the first time. Although it was quite pricey ($98 per person) it is a once in a life time experience.

We went to Old Lahaina Lu'au (@oldlahainaluau) which is supposedly the best luau in Maui. It has great reviews from TripAdvisor, The New York Times, Frommer's Maui, Zagat Survey, and has been featured in National Geographic Traveler and The Travel Channel. It is a sold-out show every night at Old Lahaina Lu'au.

Gorgeous evening for a lu'au.

So serene. Wish I was still there...

You must watch this video! I captured some of the most intense booty-shaking moments at the lu'au that night. Actually, it's the most intense booty-shaking I've EVER seen in my life so far. AMAZING!

Unlimited drinks. Good times =D

Traditional Hawaiians believe they are actual descendants of the kalo (taro) plant, the main reason this staple is so significant. Every part of the kalo is used. The corn may be steamed, fried, baked or most traditionally, pounded into poi. The stems and leaves are most often used in laulau, luscious "packages" of fish, pork and kalo greens wrapped in ti leaves and then baked or steamed. Other traditional foods found in every local Hawaiian kitchen includes 'ulu (breadfruit), 'uala (sweet potato), mai'a (bananas) and seafood. The centerpiece of every celebration was, and still is, the kalua pig cooked slowly for hours in an imu (undeground oven). 

 Each table took turns going to the buffet at the hale 'ai (eating house). Very well planned and organized.

My first plate. My favourite were the Ahi Poke (raw yellow fin tuna with green onions, seaweed and onions), Kalua Pua'a (pork that was roasted in their beachside "imu", the Hawaiian underground oven), and the Laulau (bundles of pork wrapped in taro leaf).

Desserts for the table.

Everybody was given a mini loaf of banana bread and a traditional beaded lei to take home.

The food is only half the reason why the lu'au was so spectacular. The dancers were all very energetic and lively with many costume changes. Definitely go to Old Lahaina Lu'au if you are in Maui ^_^

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