Thursday, April 19, 2012


I was invited to Boehmer Restaurant's (@BoehmerResto) second anniversary party last week. The party, hosted by chef Paul Boehmer (@ChefBoehmer), was such a delight! Boehmer definitely delivered all the essentials to a excellent party; great music, delicious hors d'oeuvres, flowing wine, amazing cocktails and an overall awesome vibe. Better yet was bumping into my friends Joallore (@clickflickca) and Graham (@beachrockinc). The three of us stayed close to the kitchen most of the night  and needless to say, we got first dibs on a lot of tasty plates (the oxtail honestly didn't stand a chance in getting by us LOL).

This is Boehmer's Signature Cocktail (Pimm's #1, tanqueray gin, lavender limeade, cucumber, soda). This is insanely good. Trust me. I had probably five or six of these that night. I LOVE PIMM'S!!!

Anyway, contrary to what you may think, this post is actually not about the party but rather about my dinner with Amy (@lu_amy7, Amy's Food Adventure) at Boehmer a month or so ago. To be honest, I've always wanted to go to Boehmer but with so many new restaurants in the city (or even yet just on Ossington!) sometimes I lose track.

A bit about chef Paul Boehmer....

Chef Boehmer started his career under the apprenticeship of chef Michael Stadlander in 1993. He moved to Scaramouche in 1985 as chef tournant and thereafter, went on to Bistro 990 as sous chef in 1987. Chef Boehmer rejoined Michael Stadtlander for two years at Nekah before accepting an appointment as Chef of Lakes Bar and Grill in 1990. He advanced to executive chef at Opus Restaurant from 1992 to 2001 and then as the executive chef of Escabèche at The Prince of Wales Hotel. Chef Boehmer has also worked with Charles Khabouth, opening Ultra Supper Club, and with Galen Weston Jr. at The Spoke Club.

I've said this many times before but I'll say it again: Boehmer is such a beautiful restaurant! Every time I walk by it I would look in through their floor to ceiling windows and be blown away at how alluring and elegant the space is. 

The big open kitchen is at the back of the restaurant.

Amuse-Bouche - Marinated Mushrooms on Crostini

Pan Seared Quebec Foie Gras - Apple Brioche - Maple Cider Glazed Apples - Blackcurrant Preserve ($22)

Ontario Venison Tartare - Petit Herbs with Lemon Juice & Olive Oil - Crostini ($18)

Nightly Pasta Feature: Gnocchi with Rock Shrimps, Rapini, Shiitake Mushrooms, Parmesean ($24)

House Smoked Pork Ribs - Brushed With BBQ Sauce - Lobster Mac & Cheese - Cabbage Parsnip Slaw ($32)

Chocolate Molten Cake - Chocolate Semifreddo - Brandy Snap ($10)

Foie gras, then steak tartare, then gnocchi, then ribs with mac & cheese, topped off with a molten chocolate cake. Can us Asian girls eat or not? ;) Sorry, I digress.

Highlights of my dinner at Boehmer were the foie gras, the gnocchi, the lobster mac & cheese and the molten chocolate cake. The pan seared buttery foie gras on top of maple glazed apples and an apple brioche totally worked; any rendered fat that may have escaped from the foie gras were immediately soaked up by the maple cider glazed apples and apple brioche. Fruity yet not too sweet, the blackcurrant preserve worked nicely with the fatty smooth foie. While a lot of gnocchi courses can seem overwhelming and way too large (which gets boring very quickly) this fluffy gnocchi was surprising light and just right. Topped with generous sized rock shrimps, crisp rapini and tender shiitake mushrooms, the different textures in this gnocchi made this dish a very satisfying light entrée. The lobster mac & cheese side was scrumptious as it was not too thick but yet just ooey-gooey enough. Padded with shredded lobster meat, I could have this mac & cheese all night. The ribs, on the other hand, fell short. Although very flavourful with a smoky undertone, I thought the pork ribs could be a lot more tender and juicy (I also tend to like saucy ribs). Our dinner ended on a high note with the molten chocolate cake. A thick, rich chocolate cake paired with crispy, crunchy brandy snaps all set against a thirst quenching chocolate semifreddo were all just tooooo good.

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