Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Solmar Restaurante (Macau)

My day trip to Macau was so much fun! It consisted of sight seeing at the Historic Centre of Macau, eating various traditional Macau treats such as Portuguese egg tarts and pork chop buns (posts to to come soon) and having lunch at  Solmar Restaurant, an authentic Portugese / Macanese restaurant recommended by a nearby store owner.  

Located at Avenida da Praia Grande, center of Macau, Solmar Restaurant was founded in 1961. It was originally an exclusive club for political and business elites. Later on, their dishes became so popular that upon public request they opened up their business to the public and became one of Macau's most well-known Portuguese restaurants.

Although it has transformed into a business restaurant from an exclusive club, Solmar still maintained its elegant and relaxed Portuguese style decor. As per Solmar's website:

"...in the early 80's the restaurant was awarded the French Food Award by the French Food Culture Association, and recently the restaurant has been awarded the honor of special member by the Macanese Gastronomy Confraternity, highly respected as a traditional Portuguese Restaurant in Macau."

Macau Beer

Fried Bacalhau Balls - filled with salt cod & potatoes

Prawns a la Solmar - our server came by with the prawn to make sure we were happy with the size first.

My half / share :)

Portuguese Style Baked Chicken

Roasted Portugal Sausage with Vegetables

Baked Sea Bass

Turns out Solmar Restaurant has posted a few signature dishes on their website:

Solmar Spicy Prawns
Portugal Chicken and Spicy African Chicken
Fried Bacalhau Balls
Western Heights Velvet Vegetable Soup
Portuguese Style Baked Fish
Crab Curry
Serradura (dessert)
Portuguese Egg Pudding (dessert)

Too bad I didn't know about this list before going =( Oh well, at least I got a few of those in.

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