Monday, January 30, 2012

1800 Degrees [VLOG]

Back in December before I left for my Hong Kong trip, I had a lovely steak dinner with the View The Vibe (@ViewtheVibe) ladies, Nicki and Michelle (@MichelleVTV) at 1800 Degrees (Twitter: @1800DegreesTO, Facebook: 1800Degrees).  Located on Bloor West in Etobicoke1800 Degrees gets its name from their signature broiler that literally cooks steak at a temperature of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit (or 982 degrees Celcius). Impressive :)

Family owned and operated, 1800 Degrees have won the title of "Best Steak in Toronto" for 2010/2011 by Dine.TO as well as the "Platinum Award Steak, Gold Award Seafood" award for 2010/2011 by Bloor West Villager News. 

I was the first to arrive that night and took the opportunity to take some pictures. 

With seating on both sides, 1800 Degrees is a very spacious restaurant. It also has a modern yet warm decor; all the cushioned seating gives an inviting and cozy atmosphere. 

Chef Hugo Ferreira and his team at 1800 Degrees prepares all dishes in-house which includes their USDA Prime Steaks (aged 35-40 days) and fresh seafood.

View The Vibe's vlog of our ladies' night out! Note that I had to leave early and could not stay for the very delicious Bourbon Creme Brulee (Nicki texted later that night saying that I missed out)...bummer =(

Knowing that we wanted to share everything, the 1800 Degrees kitchen separated the starters for us. Very nice of them to do that.


Pan Seared Sea Scallops - Truffled Parsnip Puree, Chive Oil - I thoroughly enjoyed this starter. The scallop was seasoned and cooked perfectly. The parsnip puree, which I was initially iffy about, complemented the scallop really well.

Classic Steak Tartare - Prime Filet Mignon, Sauce Grabiche, Capers, Quail Egg, Garlic Toast Points - Another great starter...also helps that I love steak tartare! It was fun pouring the quail egg over the tartare (don't judge but I do love playing with my food =D).

Classic Shrimp Cocktail - Jumbo Shrimp, Vodka Cocktail Sauce, Pickled Fennel - These shrimps were fresh, big and meaty. An interesting touch adding pickled fennel to the cocktail sauce. 


USDA Prime Filet Mignon (6oz) with Seasonal Vegetables and Peppercorn Sauce - All steaks are served with vegetables & a choice of potato and sauce.

I think my steak came out rare instead of blue rare (which I ordered). However, the filet mignon was still very tender and juicy. I actually would've liked it even better if it was seared a tad longer for a "crustier" texture on top.


Organic Beer Battered Onion Rings - Thick pieces of onion inside with a crispy batter. YUM.

Lobster Bearnaise Poutine1800 Degrees' take on the poutine, substituting cheese curds / gravy for a rich bearnaise sauce with lots of lobster meat on top. Definitely an interesting and unique "poutine" but I couldn't get my mind off the fact this poutine didn't have cheese curds or gravy =(


Watch the vlog =P

Since my pictures did not capture the vibe of 1800 Degrees (my bad for taking pics when the restaurant wasn't even opened yet) you need to check out View The Vibe's video of  1800 Degrees on a bustling night!

*This meal was complimentary. The opinions and views expressed on this post are my own*

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