Monday, January 2, 2012

La Marmite (Hong Kong)

La Marmite, owned by Aqua Group, is a popular French bistro located in Soho; it is also one of the busiest restaurant in the area during lunch time. My friend Elliot suggested we try it out. We went before noon and as I've mentioned before in my HIDE-CHAN Ramen post, people in Hong Kong usually have lunch a bit later (hence the empty tables).

La Marmite offers a prix-fixe for lunch with no a la carte options. Not a big deal for me but maybe for others. The restaurant's decor is casual and unpretentious, with several vintage French posters on the walls. I like it. Very simple and elegant. I especially love the open front facing the street. Very Parisian.

Our bottle of water. 

I was actually weary at first whether La Marmite would be serving authentic French food but we got to know the manager and found out she was French. Also read online that the head of the restaurant is French (Chef Renaud Marin) with an all French team including Michelin-star Chef Philippe Orrico, Pastry Chef Alexis Watrin, and Maitre’d David Noblet.


Crab and celery remoulade served with salad

Roasted carrot soup 


Poached salmon, steamed carrots and cauliflower cream

Sauteed mushroom and vegetables with linguini


Banana bread

Cheese of the Day with salad and toast

Elliot and I were both very happy with our lunch. La Marmite offers authentic French cuisine with affordable prices..something that is rare in Hong Kong.