Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong

NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong is such a beautiful restaurant. My amateur picture taking skills does not do this place justice at all. NOBU Hong Kong has a stunning harbour view dining room, bar lounge, and sushi bar. The whole restaurant was said to be inspired by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's cooking and imagery of the Japanese countryside where he grew up.

NOBU is known for its innovative new-style Japanese cuisine; there are numerous NOBU locations worldwide. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa had his classical training in Toyko but also spent time abroad in Peru, Argentina, and around the world - he created a whole new trend in Japanese cooking.

I went to NOBU last Sunday for lunch with my friend, Elliot and a couple of his friends. Lucky for me, Elliot is friends with NOBU Hong Kong's executive chef, Erik Idos, so instead of ordering from the menu, we left everything up to Chef Idos :)

Harbour view. What a gorgeous day.

Bloody Sushi - Vodka, tomato juice, yuzu juice, wasabi, pepper and shiso leaf (left)
Sake - served in bamboo (right) *Hi Ali, Hi Elliot =D*

Shishiito and Edamame

Sashimi Salad with Matsuhisa Dressing

Toro with Jalapeño

Toro Tataki with Yuzu Miso

Japanese Wagyu New Style - Ginger chives, sesame seeds, yuzu soy, seared with hot sesame and olive oil.

Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce

King Crab Tempura with Amazu Ponzu

Black Cod Saikyo Yaki 

Wagyu Skirt Steak with Anticucho, Goma Ponzu, Wasabi Salsa

Deluxe Chirashi

Mochi with Ice Cream (lychee, peanut butter, chocolate, cappuccino)

Cappuccino - Coffee cream, coffee streusel, milk ice cream, whiskey foam

Sunday lunch turned into a Sunday feast! I've never had so much food for lunch before (actually this was true until I had an even bigger lunch a few days later at Linguini Fini, post to come soon). Dishes kept on coming out and sake was continuously being refilled - I was pretty wobbly afterwards =P

Everything I had that day at NOBU Hong Kong was exceptional; I've never experienced so many unique flavour combinations before in terms of Japanese cuisine. The sashimi dishes were very unique and innovative, the tempura and chirashi were not your everyday, run-of-the-mill dishes - they were top notch in terms of presentation, quality of ingredients, and taste. The black cod was also the best black cod I've ever had in my life so far. This was a very memorable that I will never forget =)