Thursday, December 22, 2011

Linguini Fini (Hong Kong)

Only when I'm on vacation do I have such extravagant lunches. I swear. I thought my lunch at Nobu InterContinental Hong Kong was already a feast, but I was not prepared for this...

My friend Elliot took me to Linguini Fini (@Linguini_Fini) last week for lunch.  Linguini Fini is a sister restaurant of Posto Pubblico (@PostoPubblico), Hong Kong's first osteria concept that introduced Hong Kong to age-old New York Italian home-cooking using local organic produce and animals sourced from neighbouring farms. 

Linguini Fini, taken after the crazy lunch rush.

Linguini Fini is all about rustic, home-made Italian cuisine.

If I was the one ordering, I would not have ordered so much food! But because Elliot is good friends with Chef Vinny (@86Vinny), I was semi-prepared for an extravagant lunch even before walking into the restaurant lol~

White Gold Bars - Herb breaded Pubblico mozzarella, marinara

Caprese - Local romaine, Pubblico mozzarella, basil, 30 year balsamic

8 Hour Tripe - All natural beef & pork, pancetta, tomato

Fried Calamari - Lemon, cherry pepper aioli

Homemade Spicy Pork Sausage - Natural pork, onions & peppers, roasted garlic mostarda

Cured Pork Tenderloin 

Chitarra - Pasta with chicken liver, pancetta, sage, and brown butter

Blackforest - Chocolate cherry cake, vanilla panna cotta

Lemon Olive Oil Cake - With poppy seed gelato

Insane, right? All that for lunch! Given, we both totally destroyed everything...such pigs :S The two dishes that stood out the most for me were the 8 Hour Tripe and Chitarra, both of which I found to be extremely unique and tasty (tripe and liver? Yes please!). Thanks Chef Vinny and  Linguini Fini for a wonderful lunch!