Sunday, December 18, 2011

Full Cup Cafe (Hong Kong)

After a huge lunch feast at Zuma and many hours of shopping, I was still not very hungry...more exhausted than hungry really (I was not used to all the walking haha). I just wanted to chill somewhere, rest my tired feet and munch on something small. Knowing the perfect place to go, my friend took me to Full Cup Cafe in Mong Kok. This is a cafe that you will never "stumble upon" or "walk by" because you will most likely never find it unless 1) you make an effort to go and look for it, or 2) someone you know has been and is taking you there.

Full Cup Cafe is in a tall skinny building and spans three floors. There are no signs whatsoever outside. Upon entering, they will ask whether you smoke as there are different floors - one for non-smokers, one with an indoor area for nonsmokers, and an outdoor deck for smokers. We went to the 5th floor for non-smokers.

I love the decor at Full Cup Cafe! It has such a vintage feel to it. The polished concrete floors and ceilings, CDs on the walls, fabric curtains from the 60’s, vintage collectibles lining the walls and on the tables are all so retro.

Full Cup Cafe has an endless selection of teas and coffees; they even have a picture of each tea / coffee in their menu, which I found to be quite daunting and took me forever to decide on what to get. They do not serve alcohol, a disappointing *sigh* for some people for sure.

Cubed Beef with Angel Hair Pasta...

...with Side Salad

Fruit Salad with Yogurt and Granola

The food at Full Cup Cafe is nothing spectacular, it was pretty average. However, if you're looking for somewhere to relax with friends and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, have a small salad / pasta / some Japanese snacks, Full Cup Cafe is the place to be.