Friday, December 2, 2011

Enoteca Sociale

Finally, my dear followers and readers, I finally made my way to Enoteca Sociale (@EnoSociale) for dinner. I honestly don't know what took me so long but I was there two weeks ago Sunday and that's all that matters right now =D

I tried getting a dinner reservation the day of (I know, not the smartest move on my part). I went online and there was nothing available until 10PM. Knowing that Enoteca Sociale leave tables for walk-ins, I tried my luck and went to the resto around 6pm. The only available table was indeed still at 10PM but I was told by the hostess that there was plenty of room at the bar. I took that offer up without hesitation as they had a very spacious bar with comfy stools.

I sat at the end of the bar.

I ordered a glass of Sauvignon blanc 2009 IGT, Bastianich, Friuli, while waiting for my friend to arrive. 

My friend Mike arrived shortly after. It didn't take us long to decide what we wanted due to the fact that we were both hungry and Mike's allergy to nuts gave us little choice on what appetizers we could have; if you check out Enoteca Sociale's menu a lot of their appetizers has nuts - hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachio, almond etc.

Bread and olive oil.


Grilled Octopus, Pepper Tuffo & Potato ($19) - Extremely tender octopus. We both really enjoyed all the different flavours and textures from the octopus, potatoes, beans, and sauce.

Arancini Con Stracciatella ($13) 

Deep fried risotto balls? Even if this had nuts I was going to order it anyway and just have it all by myself. Super crispy shell and I loved the al dente texture of the risotto. Mike thought they tasted a bit bland but the caramelized onions helped. I do agree with him to some extent on this.


House Made Trecce, Pork Sausage, Charred Broccoli & Tomato Peperonata ($17) - All I know is that Mike liked his pasta a lot.

House Made Pappardelle, Ontario Lamb Ragu, House Smoked Guanciale & Pecorino ($18) - I loved the pappardelle as it was cooked perfectly. The flavours were wonderful; the fragrant lamb and the smoked, savoury guanciale & pecorino...


Beet & Apple Tart, Fennel Semifreddo, Apple Cider Honey & Fennel Pollen ($8) - I have apple tarts often but never had a  beet and apple tart. I was weary at first because I like apples, I like beets, but both together in a dessert? Ha! Well it totally works. I know a lot of people don't like beets but I assure you that this is worth a try.

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