Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The McDonald's McRib Sandwich

I've never had a McDonald's McRib Sandwich before and wasn't planning on trying it either. According to McDonald's, it's a "legendary sandwich" that was first introduced in the 1980's and was last available in Canada as a limited-time offer in 2008. Well obviously I ended up trying the McRib anyway. Why? I guess the kind folks at McDonald's were impressed by my McDonald's DIY Quadruple Filet-O-Fish Sandwich + Bonus Burger blog post as they emailed me and asked me if I would be interested in trying the McDonald's McRib Sandwich with these "Be My Guest" cards. Ok sure then!

However, even before receiving these "Be My Guest" cards, I've heard from many that the McDonald's McRib Sandwich wasn't too great. Having said that, the general consensus was the same - "if it's free then why not?" Needless to say I did not have high hopes for this "legendary sandwich".

Too lazy to go out, I asked my boyfriend on Saturday if he could bring home a McDonald's McRib Sandwich for me. He brought back three; two for himself, one for me

As per McDonald's, the McDonald's McRib Sandwich consists of "marinated BBQ sauce topped with pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun". I got one small pickle O_o

My reaction to the McDonald's McRib Sandwich:

Let me put it plain and simple: the McDonalds McRib Sandwich is most probably the worse sandwich I've ever had at McDonald's

The boneless pork patty was horrendous! I know full well that it wasn't gonna be like Ribfest ribs or something and that it was processed meat, but honestly, it was the worst piece of processed meat I've ever had in my life. It was like chewing a piece of thick cardboard, not wood, but cardboard, or even laminate like the ones from Ikea. It had zero resemblance to a "rib" and had zero taste. The only taste from the whole sandwich came from the "tangy BBQ sauce" which the "rib" was practically swimming in. It was way too tangy.  It shouldn't be a surprise either when I say I couldn't taste the pickles (nor the onions really). The McDonald's McRib Sandwich was a basically a tangy sauce sandwich with tasteless meat. 

I had two bites and gave the rest of my McDonald's McRib Sandwich to my boyfriend. Even he, who is not picky with food at all, thought the McDonald's McRib Sandwich was disgusting (it was his first time having it too). I'm just thankful that we did not have pay for this terrible tasting thing.

Conclusion: There will be no "Tangy Temptation" from me, ever. 

Oh yeah, and I want to address the following. Many people say "What do you expect? It's McDonald's!" or even better is "What? You go to McDonald's?!" All I gotta say is this 1) I have a different set of expectations for different kinds of foods, 2) I can also like McDonald's and fine dining at the same time, and 3) I am flexible and I am not a food snob =D