Monday, August 29, 2011

The Big Chill

Strolling along College Street, my boyfriend and I suddenly had the urge for ice cream. No...actually, I lied... we weren't strolling along, we were actually speed walking.  We had just finished dinner at College Street Bar and we were in search, frantically, for an ice cream place because we both had the biggest craving ever for ice cream. Not gelato, not crepes, not waffles, not cakes, it had to be ice cream, specifically ice cream in a waffle cone.

We saw several people walking on College with ice cream so we simply walked towards the direction they were coming from (aren't we smart or what?!) Lo and behold, with its big neon sign, The Big Chill (@bigchilltoronto) ended our ice cream search that night.

There were a lot of little kids (and parents) outside the old fashion ice cream parlour that night as it was a very nice and mild night. The Big Chill really caters and accommodates to kids - it has kiddie tables, benches, and various toys for kids to play with outside the shop. It has a very fun and cute interior as well - the bright colours, the retro neon signs, the colourful chalkboard menus and of course, the numerous cow figurines around the store.

See what I mean about the cows? So cute! ^_^

The Big Chill's main selling point is their 34 flavours of ice cream, including dairy free ices and sherbets. Remember, as the sign says, its "CASH ONLY".

This is just one of the two large ice cream displays; it was so busy in there I couldn't get a shot of the second one.

One scoop of Cookies & Cream in waffle cone w/o whipped cream ($4.95) - Mine
Two scoops (Pralines & Cream + Cookie dough) in waffle cone w/ whipped cream ($5.95) - The Bf's (he ordered two scoops because he was greedy. He also said two scoops was only $1 more than one scoop so it was a good deal. He later regretted his decision because it was ginormous).

Got our ice cream fix! =D

After taking pictures inside, we went out and walked around while munching away on our ice cream. Even though we got our ice cream fix, we both thought the ice cream at The Big Chill was just average. Yes the ice cream was very creamy, so I loved that part, but personally I thought the flavour was just not there. As in, I hardly tasted any "cookies" in my "cookies & cream" and my boyfriend didnt' taste much "pralines" in his "pralines & cream" either (same with the cookie dough, just tasted cream). Overall our ice cream tasted very bland to us. The waffle cone itself was superb though, very fresh and crispy~

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