Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eatontario is a Diner's Dream

Thanks to the kind folks at eatontario, I received an eatontario membership card in the mail several weeks ago! Perfect perk for a foodie like me =D

Enclosed with the card is a welcome package that includes a list of participating restaurants closest to my mailing address (this list will for sure come in handy since I always have trouble deciding where to take my parents in 'Sauga).

Once you join eatontario's 12-month membership for $39.95, all you have to do is present your membership card when requesting the bill at one of their participating restaurant and you will receive one of the following 3 types of discounts:

1) 10 - 50% off the total food bill: Applies to everyone dining in the group. The restaurant may place a maximum number of people per booking (eatontario's website will indicate the specifics of each restaurant's offer); or

2) 2 - 4 - 1: An offer for two people and applies to all courses ordered (starters, mains and desserts). The cheapest or equivalent dish of each course will be deducted from the bill. In some cases the restaurant will offer a free starter with every meal; or

3) $25 - $50 off the total bill: Depending if it's lunch or dinner, eatontario members will enjoy $25 - $50 off the entire bill.

Note: An eatontario card cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers such as set menus or during special holidays. Eatontario advises that you call the restaurant in advance for these situations to confirm whether or not you can use your card.

Browsing at restaurants on eatontario's website is easy too - once a restaurant comes up in your search, you will immediately know which type of discount is offered and any conditions / restrictions specific to that restaurant.

Let me show you what I mean.

When I did a quick search for restaurants, I immediately found three restaurants that I really want to visit:

1) Café du lac (@cafedulac)

According to eatontario's Legend Key, those mean that when I present my eatontario card at Café du lac, I will get 25% discount off my total bill with a maximum of 4 people per eatontario booking. I can use this discount every time I visit Café du lac.

I've been to Café du lac once before with my parents (see post here) but after seeing Nicki's (@ViewTheVibe) Eye on the Vibe Blog about the awesomeness that is Café du lac's new chef, Damon Ulmi, and how both her and her mom (who is French) were blown away by their meal there, I knew I had to visit Café du lac A.S.A.P.  Here's the Eye on the Vibe vlog that sold me =D

According to eatontario's Legend Key, when I present my eatontario card aL.A.B., I will get 15% off my total bill as long as I don't exceed 6 people per eatontario booking. The eatontario discount is not valid on Fridays after 6pm. I can use this discount every time I visit L.A.B..

The one and only time I got to experience the extraordinary food at L.A.B., a restaurant reputable for their molecular gastronomy, was when I joined The Culinary Adventure Company's (@culinaryadvco) Little Italy Tour (see post here). Everything I sampled at L.A.B. was fabulous that time so that's why I really want to go back to L.A.B. and try their regular menu.

According to eatontario's Legend Key, When I present my eatontario card at Great Burger Kitchen, I will get 15% discount off my total bill with a maximum of 4 people per eatontario booking. I can use this discount every time I visit Great Burger Kitchen.

I haven't been to Great Burger Kitchen but after reading Andrew's (@dobbernation) review on GBK on dobbernationloves, I really want to try their burgers =)

Besides savings at restaurants, eatontario also accommodates to wine lovers and coffee/tea drinkers. They currently have several wineries, wine importers and wine clubs on board:

As well as roasters, premium cafe's, coffee and tea shops:

Visit eatontario's website and have a look for yourself. Make sure you also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for their latest updates and news!

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Twitter: @eatontario