Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wedding Feast - Fourth of Six for 2010

Last Saturday, I attended Jason and Flora's wedding at Markham Event Centre. My best friend Ray introduced me to Flora several years back, and a bit later I met Jason. 

Flora is a very beautiful, kind-hearted, and genuine young woman. She is a dedicated teacher who is always too busy marking and preparing report cards to meet up with me; it is so hard to get a hold of her (*hint hint* Flora). All kidding aside, Flora and I still find time to meet up for dinner once in awhile to catch up and update each other on what's new in our lives. Flora's hubby, Jason (who has the exact same name, first and last, as my brother), is an extremely hard working real estate broker. He is career-oriented, ambitious, and a motivated guy who definitely loves his work. However, it is also evident to every one that he loves Flora much much more than anything else in the world. So Jason, after having said such a bold statement, you better take good care of Flora, or else! =D  Jason and Flora have been together for many years now and I'm so happy that they have finally tied the knot last weekend. Congratulations to the lovely couple! By the way, if you are looking for a real estate broker, visit Jason's website - I refer him to all my friends =) 

Enough of the praising and promotion, huh? =P  Time to show you some food pics from the wedding. 

Before going into the banquet hall, guests were served appetizers at the reception. I was obviously too slow to notice this since there was hardly anything left on this tray.

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll.

Knowing now that the hor d'oeuvres were such a hit, I pounced at the waiters once I saw them with a full tray of food. You can tell that I was still lagging here - most of the Crispy BBQ Pork & Onion Triangles and Crispy Vegetarian Spring Rolls were gone (these two appetizers can often be found at dim sum places).

These Coconut Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce were yummy.

Finally a picture with a full tray of food! These are Baked Crab Meat stuffed Mushroom Caps.

It was open bar (hooray!). I had many caesars, peach schnapps & 7's, and also a few cranberry vodkas. 

Lovely centerpiece - pink and purple flowers.

Can't forget about the wedding cake.

The menu

Perfect Beginning, Sparkling Succulent Sucking Pig Pieces with Jelly Fish

Everyone thought this was scallop, but nope, it's tofu.

Crispy Crab Claws wrapped with Shrimp Mousse & Broccoli

Supreme Shark's Fin Soup with Seafood

Crispy Chicken, served with Lotus Root Chips

Abalone Slices braised with Market Greens

Fresh Fish steamed with Scallion & Soya.

Lobsters wok-baked in Supreme Soup on E-Fu Noodles.

Rainbow Fried Rice.

After the 8-course meal, I can't say I was full. This problem was quickly solved by stuffy my face with dessert. There was: 

Chocolate Truffle Cake


Lotus Seed Paste Heart Puffs.

Orange Glutinous Rice Balls with Egg Custard Filling - these were yummy.

Mini Sesame Balls with Lotus Seed Filling

Tiramisu Mousse Cup - my favourite dessert of the night.

Creme Brulée.

Mini Assorted French Mousse Pastries, Mini Cannoli.

Tapioca, Fresh Fruit & Lychee in Coconut Milk.

And finally, fresh fruit.

This was my dessert plate =D

I would have to say the best course of the night was dessert - it satisfied my sweet tooth; actually I was not only satisfied, I was completely stuffed! The best thing about this wedding reception though is of course witnessing my two good friends celebrating such a joyous occasion with friends and family =) The NEXT best thing about this wedding would be the cappuccino set which my boyfriend and I won from one of the wedding games =D