Thursday, July 15, 2010

Buca for Birthday

For my birthday, five of my girl friends and I went for dinner at Buca. None of us have been there before so we didn't know what to expect (there is no menu posted online either). But since Buca was suggested by Cindy, my best foodie friend, I wasn't worried =). 

Beautiful decor. 

 Edison-bulb chandeliers.

 Negroni (left), Bellini (right)

Buca's menu changes daily, this one stamped "COMPLETED JUN 11, 2010" (yes, this post is way over due).

We had a lot of questions about the menu because it was quite massive.  There was a wide selection of pizzas, pastas, meats, seafood, salumi, cheese, side dishes, appetizers, and salads. Thank goodness our waiter was very knowledgeable about everything and answered all our queries. But still, we all had a hard time deciding what to get.

This post will contain mostly pictures because I forgot to take a picture of their menu so I have no idea the exact names of everything...

Warm bread knots rolled in garlic and rosemary..



Ravioli with spinach and ricotta, topped with peas.

Duck egg pasta with duck ragu, mascarpone, and basil.

A few of us ordered pizzas. They came in a long rectangular shape, uncut, with a pair of scissors. The crust is super thin, and the cutting part was fun =D

This pizza had Buca's selection of meat, buffalo mozzarella, and peppers.

This was my pizza. It had mushrooms, gorgonzola and various herbs and spices. Vegetarian pizza. Loved it.

We didn't order dessert because Cindy got me a Pink Velvet cake from Dufflet. Beautiful!!! 

Nobody can move until I take a picture of this cake! I bet my friends are thinking "HURRY UP!"

Moi :)

.Another shot of the yummy cake. I was the only one who could finish the whole slice (the cake was cut into 6 pieces). Yeah it was big, but it was gooooooood.