Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jules Bistro

It's always great to be able to have dinner with a good friend after a stressful day of work. It was one of those much needed, catching-up, dinners that Cindy and I had a month or so ago at Jules BistroJules Bistro is again one of Cindy's recommendations, which I have 100% faith in. It's quite a distance from my work but very close to Cindy's...this works out perfectly since I get off work much earlier than her - this gives me a chance to take a nice walk after a long day sitting at my desk.

It is pretty neat how you can see the specials on the chalkboard that is clearly displayed at the front of Jules Bistro. Clever! This is great advertising for people walking by.

Gotta love those prices!

While waiting for Cindy, I snapped some pictures of the place. 

A completely open kitchen at the back of the restaurant. You know me and open it!

I totally fell in ♥ the decor at Jules Bistro. I honestly feel like I'm in some little cafe in France. The small wooden tables and chairs, the chandeliers, the white walls and ceilings - it really felt like I was on vacation somewhere in Europe and have escaped from the busy streets of Toronto. Ironic how the street outside Jules Bistro is Spadina, which is one of the busiest streets in the city. 

Huge chalkboard menu inside the restaurant that spans the whole wall. And in case you can't see all that (which I honestly couldn't)...

customers still get a menu at the table.

Once Cindy got here, we ordered cabernet sauvignon to start things off. Alcohol is usually mandatory with our get togethers. And besides, we are in a little cafe in Europe, of course we need some wine.

We contemplated between many things on the menu (which we checked out online before going anyway) - the salade nicoise, the spinach and goat cheese quiche, the asparagus and brie crepe, to the 3 course prix fixe. We thought we had it all figured out until the waitress told us about the flat iron steak frites special that goes for $12.95 before 6pm. We were sold immediately on it. I mean, steak frites with a side salad, all for $12.95? How can anybody (except for vegetarians) possibly pass that up?!

The steak was pretty good, of course it's not comparable to a steak from a steakhouse, and I don't expect it to be either, but for $12.95, Cindy and I were both VERY HAPPY with it. It was on the thin side, but definitely not tough nor dry, very tender and easy to cut =D

Time for dessert. Cindy told me on the way to the washroom, she saw some great looking pies at the back of the kitchen. I went to check them out.

We shared a slice of the blueberry pie, which is probably one of the two slices you see behind that huge pie.

The pie was okay, not as good as it looks. It was a bit colder than I would like and a bit on the mushy side. The pastry part was good though, just not too crazy about the filling.

I would want to go back to Jules Bistro one day to try their quiche / crepes / salads., and pretend I'm in Europe again.

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