Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cottage Fun

The cottage is great. Cottage > Camping for me. I have never been camping before and I know that I shouldn't write off something that I haven't tried, but I have no interest in camping because I know I cannot deal with no running water and sleeping in a tent - so why torture myself haha? Cottage all the way baby~ 

My first time at the cottage was 3 years ago and I haven't been back since, so when my friend asked me if I was interested in going again during the labour day weekend, I did not hesitate to reply "YES OF COURSE!"

I don't know whether I love the cottage because of this particular cottage I get to stay at every time or whether all cottages are just as great. This huge cottage is in the little town of Coboconk. It is owned by my friend's friend's parents - they rent it out in the summer time to friends and family (and strangers? not sure). This cottage has two floors: the second floor is like a loft, open concept - it partially surrounds the cottage where you can overlook the common area on the first floor. It has three bedrooms, a kitchen, two washrooms with shower, and tons of space. The only thing lacking is A/C, which I am totally fine with. Basically, this cottage is like a huge house situated right by the lake. This time around I even had my own bed room! SWEET =D 

The picture above is the back of the cottage. And the picture below is the view from it - so beautiful and peaceful. 

We arrived Friday night and left Sunday, so basically like a normal weekend. It was super fun! Some of us went on the paddle boat while some of us went on the canoe. Other times we would chill or nap, I sunbathed a bit too =)

O yeah, one of the nights we watched Exorcist, the Pre-quel - some of us fell asleep while I was very much alert. Thank goodness the movie wasn't that scary...if we had watched "Cabin Fever"  I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep that night.

Inside our fridge - we had it all stocked up properly: 98% meat and booze, 2% fruit and veggies.

Breakfast on Saturday morning consisted of bacon, french toast, sausages, scrambled eggs, and strawberries.

Close-up of the fluffy french toast stack. Love it with butter, strawberries, and syrup *drool*

Sunday morning we had pretty much the same thing, with the addition of blueberry Eggo waffles. The toaster was gross and rusty so we ended up putting the Eggos in the oven.

Needless to say since they weren't toasted, the Eggos were a bit on the soft side. But that's OK, we utilized them well and made Eggo ice cream tacos =D

During lunch / dinner (I lost track of when lunch or dinner was because we just ate whenever we felt like it), we had burgers...

and lots of chicken. We also had steaks and pork chops. It's so funny how we thought we didn't have enough food...

when our leftover meat tray looked like this:

This is my friend's Simon's creation: triple decker burger with coleslaw, ketchup, and mustard. He is an eating machine.

We sat around the bonfire at night - one of the best moments at the cottage. We chatted and laughed while roasting marshmallows. The mosquitos soon got us though =(

Thanks to my dear friends for organizing this mini weekend escape to the cottage - it was a much needed getaway from the hectic city.