Monday, April 5, 2010

My Mom, The Cooking Connoisseur

Let me just start off by saying that I am not the one who made all these delicious dishes here, my wonderful Mom did. I'm merely the photographer. My mom is an amazing cook. Name something, and she can probably make it. She makes at least two loaves of bread every weekend (without using a breadmaker, since she claims it would take the challenge and fun out of making bread), she can probably make her cranberry and pistachio biscotti and blueberry scones in her sleep, and I have no doubt she can churn out 40 mooncakes for Mid Autumn Festival in a day all by herself. She can also cook up a storm if family friends are over, and if she "feels" like it, she would be able to make 8 to 10 Chinese dishes consisting of tasty stuff like homemade BBQ pork, fried oysters, lobster, crab, to even abalone and sharks fin soup. She is also a pro with the meats: lamb, steak, prime rib, duck, chicken, etc. And how can we forget dessert? She can whip up a soufflé in 15 minutes. My friends, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg, and anybody close to me who have been lucky enough to be invited over for dinner can definitely vouch for this LOL. Here are some examples of her "work".

No wonder I'm such a food junkie, huh? :) So for the Easter weekend, like many other long weekends and major holidays, my mom asked both my brother and I what days we are available for dinner at home. Really, what better way to celebrate than over delicious food and endless bottles of wine with the fam? She decided to concentrate on making more veggies as sides (healthy is the way to go!), with scallops and prime rib as mains (no need to be too healthy!).

Healthy Sides

Potatoes: Before and After

Prime Rib: Before and After

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops: Before and After

Dessert: Austrian Soufflé

It is also worthwhile to mention the horseradish we used that night. My boyfriend bought this last week at the Maple Syrup Festival at Elmira. Super fresh, and not too hot.

Our wines for the night

Another delicious dinner thanks to my lovely Mom! Her cooking never disappoints (unlike mine)!