Thursday, April 22, 2010

Montreal Bound!!!

My boyfriend and I are heading to Montreal tonight for a mini weekend-getaway, and I'm uber excited!!! He asked me last week if I could do some planning for this trip. So here's my plan:


  • I've looked at a few blogs and reviews online (I mainly used
  • BYOW = "Bring Your Own Wine"
  • The letters [B] to [N] correspond to the locations that I've mapped out on Google Map, where [A] is the hotel we are staying at.
  • I figured that we would be too tired to wake up early for breakfast Friday morning after getting in late Thursday night.
  • Saturday breakfast is still iffy because my boyfriend hates waking up early.
  • Dessert is also really iffy because if yummy dessert is available at dinner, I don't think I can resist not ordering it.
  • We would need to rest up again Sunday for our drive back after lunch, so I figured doing a buffet brunch is a nice way to end our trip.
  • Poutine is only an "alternative" because I had it in Montreal the last time I was there - it's just not a priority for me this time. 
  • Schedule and places are definitely not set in stone. Who knows, we may not end up going to any of these places!, I take that back...Schwartz is a must!

I know my boyfriend asked for a "plan", which usually pertains to activities and sight-seeing, and not a "meal plan". But hey, I still planned, didn't I?

So, as for what we are doing in between meals? I have no idea...just gonna wing it. =P