Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Maple Syrup Festival = Food Fest for Me

Two weeks ago I was at the Maple Syrup Festival in a small town called Elmira, which is around an hour drive from Toronto. I have never been, nor heard of, this festival before, but apparently it's an annual thing there, quite popular too. Nonetheless, I didn't expect much of it since I wasn't exactly crazy about maple syrup (I actually don't remember the last time I had it, unless it was included as an ingredient in a recipe), nor did I dislike it really - just no preference. Anyway, I was eager to go because I love mini day trips, and the weather was gorgeous that day. 
Getting into Elmira was a bit of a mission. We started heading out at 10am and by the time we got out of the main highway, there was traffic getting into the town. I guess 10am wasn't early enough, it also didn't help that there was only one lane getting into Elmira.

After being stuck in traffic for around half an hour, we finally parked our car. Several blocks were closed off for pedestrians, and we started walking to the festival.  Some took the high road and opted for a ride in the tractor

When we arrived at the entrance, I saw this right away:

Thoughts in my head went something like this:

"Funnel cake???!!! How come they have funnel cake here?! I thought....I thought...this whole thing was only about maple syrup??? (my mind started drooling....if that makes sense to any of you)... So...does that mean there are other kinds of food here too?? But wait..I want Funnel Cake wait, hold ON, hold on... that's a bit too sweet for what should I...?...OoooooOOoooh whhhattt......what is that guy holding???? Is that that a TURKEY LEG? Oh.My.God. I want thattttt!"

So that went on for a few minutes as I stroll by vendor after vendor, booth after booth, each of them selling different kinds of food. I was deliriously happy - I really couldn't contain my excitement when I saw all this food. I think I even said to my boyfriend at one time "I'm so happy!!! There is so much food!". I didn't know where to start, what to buy, what to eat, what to eat first. What a lovely surprise this was...nothing can beat an unexpected FOOD FEST.

Below are some pictures I took there.

Making maple taffy

So many turkey legs. Huge line up for these.


Lamb, beef, or chicken?

Just imagine this meat in a warm pita!

I had both the pita and turkey leg. I picked beef. 
Wanted lamb but the guy said I would've had to wait 
5 minutes longer. Forget that!


I believe these are maple syrup popcorn in giant waffle cones

Baklava - I had one. So sweet!

Maple taffy cones - I bought a box

German potato pancakes

Deep fried Mars Bars - classy

Got one for 5 bucks. I'm ashamed to say regrets :)

Free samples!

Cute cupcakes

My favourite!

Gourmet lollipops - I bought 6

$5 for one bun. Pretty good value compared to the deep fried mars bars!

Ended the day with these gigantic pancakes (with maple syrup, of course)

I ate so much that day. I even cancelled dinner plans with my friends afterwards because I was too stuffed - I couldn't imagine myself eating again 3 hours later. And you know what's so sad? I didn't end up getting my funnel cake :(