Thursday, April 8, 2010

"The Cauldron" at Oddfellows

My foodie friend, Cindy, once sent me a link that had pictures of this stone pot filled with lots of bacon, eggs, sausage, and other oily goodness in it. She told me that this pot object can be found at Oddfellows, a brunch place owned by two designers. I didn't know designers can be restaurant owners too (not like there is a law against it or anything), it's just not what people expect, you know? But whatever, I told Cindy that we have to go there, and I demanded that she can't go with anyone else but me.  

We didn't get to go to Oddfellows until many weeks after that initial conversation because of our busy schedules. The whole time I couldn't get my mind off that pot... I was literally obsessed with it. We started calling it "The Cauldron". According to Wikipedia, "a cauldron or caldron (from Latin caldarium, hot bath) is a large metal pot (kettle) for cooking and/or boiling over an open fire, with a large mouth and frequently with an arc-shaped hanger". I thought the name fits perfectly for what you're about to see later.

So finally we go on a Sunday morning. I see this sign at the front. What a coincidence! I heart eggs too! :)

Oddfellows is definitely a quirky place. It is a very narrow space, with one long wooden communal table that sits around 20 people. The place is filled with unique decor like a hanging fireplace, a ceiling full of bubbly lights, and a wall with fridge magnets.

After browsing the menu for a few minutes (not sure why I even bother, maybe just so I don't look too eager), Cindy and I ordered "The Cauldron" ($24) to share - it is actually called "Breakfast for Two". 

First came the butter, jam, ketchup

Then came the ladle. You know it's serious business 
when they give you a ladle.

TA-DA!!! Let's move the bread to see what we have...
Roasted potatoes, roaster cherry tomatoes, 4 sunny side up eggs,
4 sausages, 5-6 slices of bacon, 2 pieces of back bacon, asparagus
wrapped with more bacon, 6 pieces of toasts (3 multigrain, 3 white).
The oil is still bubbling at the bottom!

Half way point. This was really soooooo delicious. It's unlike 
anything that I've had before. I mean individually, the ingredients 
are nothing special, but when they are put all together in a hot 
stone pot? It's something's like...Canadian bibimbap.
The two pictures below are what my other friends had. I didn't have a chance to try them because I was too busy with "The Cauldron", but they told me theirs were also very tasty. Looks good too!

My visit to Oddfellows was around a month ago. I checked their brunch menu just now, seems like they got rid of the "Breakfast for Two" a.k.a "The Cauldron", and replaced it with "Pressure Cooker Game Stew for Two" which has horseradish, bacon, smashed potato, red wine, braised cabbage, baby carrot...for $40! NOOOOOOO! >_<

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