Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who the #$&@ is Gordon Oliver?

Gordon Oliver (@gordonoliverca) is apparently a self-proclaimed

"Celebrity Chef"

who will, on March 14 at 7:27PM, be on “Eat Talk” (a small cooking segment following CTV's eTalk, before Big Bang Theory). Apparently, Gordon Oliver will be cooking up a storm in his first ever TV appearance.

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From his website www.gordonoliver.caGordon Oliver also brags that he is a  

"Gourmet Canadian Chef with a knack for creating ridiculously delicious food."

Correct me if I'm wrong but none of this crap looks "delicious" to me. FAR FROM IT.

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If anything they make me want to puke.

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But who knows, you may think Gordon Oliver's Buffalo Wings Milkshake look appetizing *please no*. If that's the case, be my guest and check out his recipes, where you will also find recipes for a Salmon Chocolate Cake *gag* and Buffalo Wings Cupcakes *double gag*

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Gordon Oliver considers himself as a "highly experienced chef" because he has "worked in the culinary industry for 9 months". Pretty cocky statement, no? Merely NINE MONTHS and he is already publishing his FOURTH cookbook, "Cats in a Pot".

As a cat lover, I hate him already.

So who the #$&@ is this egotistical Gordon Oliver? He seems to be pretty arrogant if you ask me. 
All this must be some terrible, sick joke.
 It has to be.
Gordon Oliver as a celebrity chef? 
Say it ain't so!

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