Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rock Lobster

It has been a packed house every night at Rock Lobster ever since the 72-seat seafood restaurant opened late November / early December of last year. Chef and co-owner Matt Dean Pettit, who started Rock Lobster Food Co in 2011, has promptly graduated his small pop up company into a permanent location on Ossington merely nine months since its successful debut at the Toronto Underground Market (Pettit also had a lobster shack in Kensington Market last summer selling his very popular lobster rolls). This is truly impressive to say the least! And like I said earlier, it has been three months in and Rock Lobster is still rockin' it. With a no-reservation policy, be prepared to do a bit of waiting, that's my warning to ya ;)

Quick throwback! This was me with a 1.5 lb lobster at Lobstah Palooza last August, one of many sold-out events hosted by Rock Lobster Food Co. *Oh summer, I miss you sooo much!*

Even though is snowing right now, tomorrow is the first day of spring! *YAY!* 

Anyway, back to Rock Lobster.

Adorned with cool paintings and murals (such as the one shown above, done by Pettit's father) and a rustic Canadiana feel to the space (which Pettit designed himself), it seems like Torontonians are loving everything Rock Lobster (Twitter: @RockLobsterFood, Facebook: Rock Lobster Food Co).

Rock Lobster's raw bar includes gulf shrimp, Atlantic snow crab, Nova Scotia lobster tail and oysters.

The cocktail list at Rock Lobster is created by Josh Lindley (@josh_lindley), winner of Toronto's Hottest Bartender :)

There's a semi-private dining room tucked away at the back of the restaurant called the Anchor Room; it's a very nice and cozy space for a small party.

Rock Lobster Caesar ($12)
Ketel One Vodka + Steak Spice + Clamato + Tobasco Sauce + Worchestershire Sauce + A Nova Scotia Lobster Tail

My friend Grace (@foodinthecityTO) and I shared the following three dishes:

Lobster Poutine ($13)
Yukon Hand-cut Fries + Lobster Bisque Gravy + QC Cheese Curds + Fresh Lobster + Chives

Lobster Mac N Cheese ($14)
Fresh Lobster + Aged Canadian Cheddar + Panko Crust

Rock Lobster Roll ($14)
Yukon Chips + McClure's Dill Pickle

If you love lobster, Rock Lobster is the place to be. If you love lobster and love the fact that you can now have it with comfort foods like poutine and mac 'n cheese, then you need to get your a$$ over to Rock LobsterOffering a menu focused on well, lobster *duh*, you will be surprised at the variety of non-lobster options as well such as crab, shrimp, and even flank steak and pork belly (which is great 'cuz everybody is bound to find something they want.) And seriously, even if you are not a fan of Caesars, you should still get it; the pure size and grandeur of the cocktail makes it all worth it. I mean come on, there's a lobster tail in it!

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