Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Gabardine Revisited

It has been more than a year since my last, and first, visit to The Gabardine.  I have always been meaning to go back, and trust me I'm not just saying that. I remember how thrilled I was when The Gabardine (Twitter: @TheGabardine, Facebook: The Gabardine) started dinner service on Saturdays :) And seriously, The Gabardine also has this incredible ability to make me suddenly crave whatever they just posted on Twitter and Facebook. It wouldn't even matter if it was only like, 9 in the morning, I would still want it bad. Real bad. 

Case in point. They would post stuff like this, with photos:

~Pork chop with black eye pea ragout, sautéed mustard greens & red eye gravy~
~Chinese BBQ pork on a bun w/ scallions, mayo & napa cabbage slaw~
~Pork shoulder chop on buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, black currents & sour cream~
~Fried chicken on a cornmeal waffle with creamed collard green, maple syrup and lemon~
~Brownie pie with graham cracker crust & peanut butter cream~

I mean, come on. How can your stomach NOT growl after reading stuff like that? It all sounds so insanely enticing that it's ridiculous.

Coincidentally, dinner at The Gabardine the second time around was also with my friend Julia, who came with me the first time

It's extremely rare that I don't order a cocktail or a glass of wine during dinner - it almost never happens. I'm not sure what happened that Tuesday night but I think I was craving for something cold and refreshing, and because I'm not a big fan of beer, the apple cider did the trick perfectly.

We shared: 

Deviled Eggs ($4)

Deep Fried Beer Cheese Croquettes with Maple Mustard ($12)

Shrimp Po'Boy with Butter Lettuce, Tomato Relish & Aioli ($15)

Mac n' Cheese with Breadcrumb Crust ($16)

Ultimate comfort food at The Gabardine. Thinly battered with piping hot, melting cheese in the middle, their croquettes with maple mustard are a must-order appetizer. The Gabardine's mac n' cheese was just as good as the first time we had it; it remains to be one of the best, if not the best, mac n' cheese that I've had so far in the city. 

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