Friday, October 14, 2011

Williams Landing

Williams Landing is one of several restaurants that opened up recently in Liberty Village (another one being Bar Vespa - blog post to come later). Williams Landing is located on a building's second floor so their patio is above ground level (not a rooftop patio though because there are more levels....their patio is just extended out). The patio is very spacious with ample seating and is great for any occasion - whether it be happy hour, lunch, dinner, private parties... it can fit a lot of people. When my friends George, Chris, Carmen and I went for lunch, we simply couldn't pass up the patio (even though there was a slight breeze every now and then). It was a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine.

The set up of the bar and TVs remind me of South of Temperance (same owner).

The view from our table looking out.

Since it was such a lovely day a lot of people sat on the patio. The decor inside Williams Landing is very simple with clean lines. I love the light wood used throughout the restaurant. The space is very bright and inviting.

Further into the dining room.

We didn't get any drinks because we still had to go back to work later. We want to be productive employees =)

Service was really slow that day. The patio was probably only half full (not many people were sitting inside either) and we still had to wait 35 mins for our food. My friends said last time they came for lunch service wasn't as slow.

Turkey Burger - Fresh minced turkey, apple cidar cabbage slaw ($14) - Chris had the burger and he said it was very wet because of the slaw, which eventually made the inside of the top bun really flat and soggy.

Pescatore - Shrimp, crab, scallops, red onions, moroccan dried olives, parmesan panna, whole wheat crust ($17) - Carmen offered me a slice and of course I said yes. I thought the seafood toppings tasted great and were pretty substantial. The crust was too thin for my liking; I enjoy thin crust pizzas but this crust was more like a thin dry piece of flat bread (I think Carmen liked it though). The pizza was too big for her she ended up packing half of it.

Calamari - Smoked paprika and roasted pepper aioli ($11) - George ordered the calamari and I also took a few to try. It was pretty good especially with the aioli; I thought it was the aioli that made the calamari "good" to "really good".

Mushroom Salad - Spinach, arugula, dates, garbanzo beans, truffle parmesan croutons, sundried tomato pesto, balsamic vinaigrette ($15) - This salad was huge! There were a lot of mushrooms. I would've liked it if the croutons were a bit smaller but not a big deal.

The salad was way over-dressed! The spinach / arugula were drenched in the balsalmic vinaigrette at the bottom  I decided to just eat all the mushrooms and the drier spinach & arugula from the top.

Beside my salad being over-dressed, I thought our lunch at Williams Landing was decent (I prefer this place over South of Temperance). However, there was one problem: George and I were both extremely thirsty afterwards (Carmen and Chris were okay). They told me that last time they went to Williams Landing for lunch they experienced the same thing - they were all very thirsty afterwards. I had to drink many many glasses of water when I returned to work and I was still thirsty by the time I left work =(

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