Wednesday, October 26, 2011


F'Amelia (Twitter: @FAmeliaRisto, Facebook: F'Amelia) is a new Italian restaurant located on Amelia St. in Cabbagetown. The restaurant is literally a little house which I think is extremely cute and unique (I love dining at cozy places like this). The restaurant opened around a month or so ago and has already created quite a buzz in Toronto. F'Amelia's kitchen team consists of Executive chef, Maurizio Verga (formerly Splendido), sous-chefs James Harrison (formerly Splendido) and Michael Angeloni (formerly Splendido, Black Hoof).

The decor at F'Amelia is very rustic and traditional; you literally feel like you're dining in a little house in Europe.

Wines by the glass written on a large chalkboard. 

Can't wait to try their wood oven pizzas!

My friend Cindy and I arrived pretty early. When we were leaving all the tables were filled and F'Amelia was bustling. Great vibe!

We were really torn about which pasta to get...

A whole page dedicated to pizzas

Sour Apple Martini - I asked our server for a fruity cocktail (that's what I tend to do nowadays because I'm lazy too read the list). When it came I was a bit nervous because I would usually see fruits in my drink but luckily this martini tasted fruity. Yum.

Soft bread with olive oil. A great way to start the evening.

Trio of Bruschetta - Classic tomato, mushroom and fontina, house-made spicy pork sausage ($15) - We both liked the toppings; I especially liked the mushroom and fontina because it was so fragrant and tasty. The spicy pork sausage was also good. However, we thought the flat bread was too similar to pizza (we felt like we were eating pizza already).

Gnocchi - with porcini and house-made pancetta ($22) - We both thought the gnocchi was really well executed; it had great texture, so light and fluffy. The porcini and pancetta gave the dish a lot of flavour. This plate is perfect for sharing especially for those who find gnocchi to be too heavy.

Diavola - Crushed San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, spicy soppressata, fresh red hot chili pepper, basil, extra virgin olive oil ($15) - There was a lot of selection when it came to pizza at F'Amelia  Cindy and I decided on the Diavola pizza because it was a lighter pizza (as we were already sharing the gnocchi) but still had meat, and we like the spicy factor. We really enjoyed the pizza as it totally delivered on spiciness and it was light. I also loved the crust - it wasn't dry (hate that), it was soft and moist in the middle but not to the point that it was sloppy either. 

We were both stuffed and didn't have room for dessert =( Next time for sure!

I would go back to F'Amelia to try their other pizzas for sure now that I know I really like their crust. I want to try their other pastas too.

F'Amelia started offering dinner-to-go on a first come, first served basis. Each day they will prepare 10 individual meals for take out. Meal includes arugula salad, lasagna and tiramisu, all for $29. 

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