Monday, October 3, 2011

The Omakase Box Giveaway Winner Is...


Congratulations! =D Please DM your email and I will forward your info to Omakase box (they will be mailing you the prize). Congrats again and I hope you will enjoy your tasty snacks!

I also want to say a big THANKS to the 77 contestants who participated in the giveaway! There were a total of 209 tweets in the contest~

To ensure my followers that I am 100% honest when I say the winner is picked RANDOMLY, I will always show you guys how I went about tracking each contest.

After the contest was over, I copy and pasted the #OBOX10 Twitter stream onto a Word document. This was 10/31 pages shown as an example.

Here's a snapshot of the Excel spreadsheet where I tracked the #OBOX10 stream from day one of the contest. The tracking was done using chronological order, as in, #1 was the first ballot entered right after the contest went live. An entry ballot was given for each contestant that tweeted "I want to win a FREE Omakase box from @omakase_ninja #OBOX10". Each subsequent snacks / treat related tweet or retweet by that contestant  with the #OBOX10 hashtag was given an additional ballot. Once all the ballots were accounted for I checked the list of contestants to see if they follow @omakase_ninja and I on Twitter.

After weeding out the people that did not follow all the contest rules, I was left with 69 contestants and 199 tweets in the #OBOX10 stream. 

I went to "True Random Number Generator" from to randomly pick a winner for me from 1 to 199.