Friday, May 20, 2011

School Dinner x 3

My last four times at School were all for dinner: one occasion being Cheese School, and the other three times were dinners with my friends - all within maybe, 3 months time? Pretty crazy, right? Well I love the food at School so what can I say? Anyway, to make it easier for myself, I combined the three dinners into this one mega dinner post. And in case you haven't seen my School brunch post, you must check that out too.

Oh and funny news guys! In a few months time, I will be moving office; out of the financial district (bye bye PATH) and into a building at Liberty Village that's literally a 2-minute walk from School!  IT MUST BE FATE! Instead of staying in the boring financial district, which I fully anticipated was going to happen, my bosses chose Liberty Village~ Hurray! 

K, back to dinner talk :)

I usually go for dinner right after work so I'm always the first one at School.

For all three dinners I sat at the same table, not on purpose, it just happened like that - it's the table by the window and directly below all the "3:30 clocks".


Grape Spritzer - Grape vodka + grapes + lemon + sparkling wine. My favourite drink at the School so far. The sparkling wine and lemon make this drink so refreshing. I also like eating the grapes. Can't say I taste much of the grape vodka so this is definitely a light drink.

Jungle Fruit Smoothie - My friend ordered this. I took a sip and it was very "tropical" a.k.a fruity.

School Caesar - Pepper vodka + clamato + horse radish + worchestershire + lime + celery salt + celery. Horse radish! 'Nuff said. I also love the garnish~

Hot for Teacher (a.k.a. Hot Toddy) - Tequila + apple cider + cranberry + honey + lemon. 

Thinking that this was a cold drink, I ordered it. Nothing in the description says it was a hot drink even though the word "hot" is in there, it was also listed with other cocktails. So yeah I was quite surprised when it came. This would be a great after-meal drink; it was hot and cinnamon-y but a bit too sour for my taste (from the apple cider).


Cerveza Battered Onion Rings - With sea salt. 

Big, light and fluffy onion rings.

Ancho Dusted Calarmari - Crispy golden with chipotle-potato mayo. 

This was highly recommended by Sarah (@schoolville) and I was hooked after the first bite (I ordered this twice). The meaty calamari is lightly battered and the batter itself was so crispy. I adore the chipotle-potato mayo too, I wish I can dip that in everything. Huge portion!

Trouble Maker Nachos - Served with refried beans, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream. 

A bit disappointed with these nachos (we were going to order the short ribs but they ran out). I forgot to take a picture of the guacamole, which was not bad. However, the salsa was a bit bland. I also didn't like how it was on top of the chips - I'd rather have the salsa served on the side. I don't recall any refried beans either.


Fig & Brie Grilled Cheese - Served with side greens. 

My friend had this and she loved it. 

Bully Burger - 7oz Organic beef with guacamole, jack cheese, onion strings on a toasted sesame bun with chili pepper fries. 

I had a bite of this burger and the burger was very juicy and tender, also very thick. However, if you ordered the nachos as appetizer you may want to avoid this burger as it has a lot of guacamole in it too.

BBQ Spiced Fried Chicken - With buttermilk biscuits and greens. 

I had this and I thought this was good but not great. I have no complaints about the sauce as it was very flavourful with a strong BBQ taste. The chicken was moist as well. The issue was the portion size, which was way too small for me. There were only like 4 chicken pieces and even with the biscuit, I wanted more food. But that's just me, I eat lots =D

Fish & Chips - Lime Cerveza battered halibut with chili pepper fries & baby greens.

I really enjoyed the fish & chips because the halibut was fresh and flaky. The batter was thin, crispy and wasn't oily at all. The fries were also good.

Sausage & corn chili - with aged cheddar, sour cream, and cheddar chive biscuit

When my friend and I got around to eating this (we shared this chili and the fish & chips) the chili wasn't as hot already - this was definitely our fault. Obviously, chili is only good when it's piping hot *sigh* but taking the temperature into consideration, both my friend and I thought the chili was way too salty - we had one spoon of chili and we immediately thought the same thing. Saltiness aside though, what was in this chili was amazing; there were tons of sausage, beans, and obviously lots aged cheddar. The cheddar chive biscuit was also very good.

Salmon - Pumpkinseed crusted wild salmon with salsa verde, house rice & baby greens. 

I think my favourite part of this dish was the salsa verde because it had a nice kick to it. The salmon was cooked just right and not dry. I've never had anything crusted with pumpkinseed before so I thought this was neat. Rice was also very moist. 


Always the same dilemma when I walk up to the counter: what to get?

I got baked goods for one of the three dinners. I picked up one of these large orange almond blueberry muffins...

And one white chocolate blueberry scone.

I brought both the muffin and scone home for later enjoyment :)

I heard through the grapevine that School will be updating their dinner menu soon. I will go again once that happens. Trust.

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