Friday, May 13, 2011

The Downtown Deli

I went out for lunch a month ago with two girl friends, Elaine and Mei, who I met at the HUG Spa Party & Networking Event back in March. All of us pretty much work in the same area in the downtown core so meeting up for lunch was an easy task - it was just a matter of setting up a time and date. 

Elaine suggested trying The Downtown Deli at Yonge and Temperance, which I found out was less than a minute walk from my office. When I got there, I realized that this place used to be the Original Motorcyle Burgers (which I've been to once before and was "meh" at best).  The exterior of The Downtown Deli looks exactly the same as Originial Motorcycle Burgers - they only changed the sign and the windows. Anyway, seems like all the Original Motorcycle Burgers have now been converted to The Downtown Deli

When I walked in I was greeted by the owner behind the counter, or at least I think he was the owner. I'm pretty sure though because I vaguely remember him at Original Motorcycle Burgers when I went a year ago. 

There are only two prices for sandwiches: $7.75 for regular and $9.75 for large, and this is just the sandwich itself, no drink, no sides. STEEP! 

We sat down after putting in our orders at the counter. There was only one other table occupied there (it was Monday at 12:30pm to be exact).

Some basic essential condiments on the table.

Elaine's drink ($2.50)

Our orders came around 5-7 minutes later. They were each served on a tray and everything was wrapped up (even the pickle). This was my tray. I was immediately taken back at how small my sandwich looked.

Church St. Beef & Cheddar - Grilled on light rye roast beef brisket, aged cheddar with side of gravy ($9.75)

This sandwich was surprisingly good (it probably helped that I walked in this place with very low expectation). There were layers and layers of brisket which were very juicy and soft. The melted cheese seeped through the top layer of meat, and the warm rye had a good thickness to it, not too thick and not so thin that it would break when you hold it.

The gravy was very tasty too and had a good consistency. I dipped my sandwich in a few times.

The pickle was so thin. I wish they were more generous with the cut (i.e. like cut it in half instead of 1/3).

Although I said the sandwich looked small, after the first half I was already full (I took the other half to go). There was a lot of meat in that sandwich. I mean, I can still finish the other half no problem, but my stomach is not used to eating that much for lunch (my big appetite is usually saved for dinner). Also, I still needed to go back to work; finishing that whole sandwich will guarantee a lot of yawning. I don't want that.

Mei had the Regular Corned Beef Sandwich on Light Rye ($7.75)

Mei ordered a combo so she had onion fries too ($2.50). I know the onion rings here don't look very appetizing but they were actually really sweet and crunchy...a bit only though.

Elaine had the Regular Roast Beef Brisket Sandwich on Dark Rye ($7.75). The difference between my roast beef brisket sandwich and Elaine's was that my rye was grilled and had cheddar in it (on the menu my sandwich was under the "Downtown Landmarks" category with the add-ons).

She had sweet potato fries ($2.50). They were good.

The food was good at The Downtown Deli but unfortunately, I cannot justify paying $11.09 (including tax) for my roast beef brisket sandwich, it was just way too expensive. And I don't know about you but most "combos" I know include both a side and a drink? At The Downtown Deli, the $2.50 to "make your meal a combo" only includes a side, drink is separate. It also doesn't help that the cheapest beverage you can get there is a pop at $1.50.

Although good, I'm pretty sure I won't be back at The Downtown Deliunless someone else is paying =D