Monday, May 30, 2011

Burger Wars - The Result Video

As a self-proclaimed "BURGER GIRL", I was already very excited when I got invited to Burger WarsSalut Wine + Food Festival's wrap-up party (Salut Wine + Food Festival took place during May 7-14 where they offered a week of unique and exciting food + wine events). And since I've been thinking of adding vlogs / videos to my blog for awhile now, I thought  Burger Wars would be the perfect event to start. Soooooo imagine how thrilled I was when I was asked by Don House, Co-Chair and Festival Executive Director of Salut Wine + Food Festival, whether or not I would be interested in being a judge at Burger Wars. Being cool and collected, I replied "Sure, no problem" but honestly, I wanted to jump up and down like a 10-year old girl =P

Without further ado, here's the video. I hope you guys will like it!

Like? Dislike? =P Anyhow it was fun doing the video but I found it difficult and awkward talking into the camera by myself in public (I finally know how Nicki from View the Vibe feels lol).

So now that you've seen the video, I'm gonna give a quick overview for each burger. Before I begin, here are the chefs from each restaurant:

m:brgr - Chef Adam Rutherford
Origin - Chef Steve Gonzalez
Marben - Chef Carl Heinrich

Starting with the Classics.

m:brgr - The burger tasted like a gourmet version of a Big Mac. It was tasty but a bit too much mayo.
Origin - Not too visually exciting. The whole burger was way too salty for me (the bun also had salt on it). The smallest burger out of the three.
Marben - Braised beef stuffed inside the burger made it so juicy and tender. It looks like a simple burger but definitely the most delicious.

Now onto the Freestyle burgers.


This was one hell of a burger! Burger on top of mac & cheese, then pulled pork on top of the burger, all drizzled with BBQ sauce. Definitely over-the-top but very original. As you can imagine, it was difficult to eat as it was so thick and huge. The mac & cheese would've been better as a side as everything together was way too heavy.


This burger was the exact size as their Classic burger so it was once again the smallest out of the group. Although the top bun was not salted this time the burger was still a bit too salty. I could not taste the truffle butter that was supposedly on the burger either. Again, the burger looks too plain, especially for the Freestyle category.


I really like the presentation, so cute. I love arugula and goat cheese so extra points for that. Marben's burger was once again my favourite out of the three.

Best Classic Burger (Judges' Pick) - m:brgr
Best Freestyle Burger (Judges' Pick) - Marben
Consumer's Choice - Origin

I enjoyed Burger Wars tremendously and had so much fun...I met lots of great people too! Speaking of which, I couldn't leave the place without taking a picture with the host of  Burger WarsKevin Brauch (also host of TV shows such as The Thirsty Traveller, MegaWorld, Superstar Chef Challenge, and floor reporter for Iron Chef America) =D

It is extremely sad to know that m:brgr has closed its Toronto location a week after Burger Wars =( So shocked! I guess the only way to taste their burgers now is to do a road trip to Montreal.

Note: for those of you who bought a Fabfind voucher for m:brgr, just email Fabfind right away - they were really quick and efficient in refunding my money.