Friday, March 11, 2011

Mickey's Stuffed Steak & Cheese Pizza - Snowstorm Edition

For those of you who follow my blog, you all should know by now that I adore the Stuffed Spinach & Cheese Pizza from Mickey's Pizza (click here to see my post). At the end of that post, I basically swore that I would have to, need to, return to Mickey's Pizza to try their Stuffed Steak & Cheese Pizza.  steak. cheese. pizza. There is no way I can ignore the existence of such a deadly delicious combo all on a pizza pie.
 Of all the days I choose to have the biggest craving for this Stuffed Steak & Cheese Pizza, I choose a snowstorm day. No, it was not that over-rated "Snowmaggedon" in the middle of the week a month or so ago, but rather, on the Saturday after that. It started snowing furiously late afternoon that Saturday, but I wasn't aware of that when I phoned Mickey's Pizza since I was studying the whole afternoon in my room, in the basement, with no windows. So when it was time for me to go get my beloved pizzas, my first reaction when I stepped out of the house was "ohhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiieeet".

For some reason or another, the weather forecast failed to predict this snowstorm. How frustrating. But too late, my order was placed and there was no turning back; Mickey's Pizza was expecting me and I was already anticipating stuffing my face with two stuffed pizzas. I drove through slippery roads, going 20 km/h on the QEW, through white-out conditions, slip-sliding as I do my lane changes - it was a mission, it was an adventure. It was also on that very night that I am so thankful that I have snow tires and drive a manual car as these factors really gave me better control of the car.
The first thing I got when I arrived to Mickey's Pizza 45 minutes later was a big hug from Sandi, the owner of Mickey's Pizza. She said her and the staff were all so worried about me! We chatted for a bit and without further ado, Sandi handed me the two stuffed pizzas and I was off again.
A few minutes before I got to my boyfriend's place, I text him, telling him to heat up the oven. I did not want to waste anymore precious time as it was getting very late and I was extremely starved. But of course I needed to take a picture of these beauties first.

Stuffed Spinach & Cheese Pizza - Toppings include green peppers, sauteed spinach, feta cheese, and caramelized onions.

Stuffed Steak & Cheese Pizza - Toppings include bacon, hot Italian sausage, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms. 

Note: I chose four toppings for each pizza but you can choose as many as you want without extra charge.

Stuffed Spinach & Cheese. It was just as delicious as I remember. I wanted to keep this pizza vegetarian so no meat toppings here. The extra feta cheese gave the whole pizza another level of cheesiness; it was nice because since the feta was a topping, the texture of it was very different than that of the stuffed cheese inside the pizza. I got the sauteed spinach (because it's not a topping you can find at any pizza place and I can never get enough spinach anyway), caramelized onions (which gave the pizza sweetness) and green peppers (which gave a bit of crunch) for the other veggie toppings. Yeahhhh,  I think about all these elements when I choose my toppings - I'm intense like that LOL.  But this pizza was not the star the night.

The star of the night was the Stuffed Steak & Cheese pizza. What we have in the picture below is steak filling almost spilling out from the sides (with the cheese melted in it of course). Look at the height on this bad boy!

Because of the stuffed steak, I wanted to make this a meat pizza which is why I had bacon and hot Italian sausages as toppings.  I had mushrooms (which always go with meat) and sundried tomatoes to balance all the meat out. This pizza is really one-of-a-kind incredible. It was my boyfriend's first time ever trying Mickey's stuffed pizza and when he took his first bite, all he could say between bites was "oh wow". And me, being ME, was like "OH MY GOD", "this is sooooooo good", "YUMMMM" (it seems like my vocabulary becomes extremely limited whenever I'm exposed to really tasty food O_o)

Don't be fooled at the size of these stuffed pizzas. Although they may LOOK small they can fill you up really quickly as they are stuffed with all that cheesy goodness (and steak). My boyfriend and I finished the two pizzas and we were ready to explode shortly after. And let me remind you, we can both eat a lot. So rest assured that you won't be hungry if you treat this stuffed pizza as a personal pizza.

Cheers to Mickey's Pizza for introducing me to your stuffed pizzas!

Next on the radar: Mickey's Chicago Deep Dish Pizza =D

P.S: I really hope you appreciate the fact that I took time to take these pictures even though I was ready to devour the pizzas at the time - patience is not an ability that too many people have when it comes to food, you know? All joking aside, I also want to take this time to thank my friends and family for not eating their food until I take a picture of it (sometimes more than one picture, with different angles, just to make sure lol). I also need to tell everyone that I love my iPhone4! I took all these pictures with it as I didn't have my SLR nor my point-and-shoot with me that night.